Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Richard pears&Wright Brothers

This week for Reading we had to do a time line on Richard pears,Wright Brothers,Amelia Earhart and Jean Batten we also had to talk about when they made or fly the plane and the year.

Information Report

This week for writing we were writing a information report about chrome books we had 5 paragraph to write they were Tools,Shortcuts,Learning,Care,Searching Te wai ponamu and Mr oglive plan it by using this template

Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Jean Batten

This week for Inqry we had to make a rap,speech or a information report Angari,Mele,Savelina and I.We picked speech it was about Jean Batten.We also coloured the text so we know what our line was Angari was bule,Mele was pink,Savelina was red and I was yellow.

Jean Batten
Jean Gardner Batten was born on September 15th 1909 in Rotorua, New Zealand. She was one of the great international aviators in the 1930s. Batten made a number of record breaking solo flights across the world.

In 1913 the Batten’s family moved to Auckland. Jean was enrolled to a girl’s boarding school in Remuera. There, she studied piano and ballet. Although she was a talented pianist she become more interested in becoming a pilot.

She moved to England with her mother in 1929 to join the London Airplane Club.After taking her first solo flight in 1930 she earned a private pilot’s license in 1932. People knew that Batten would become so strong in her career of a pilot.

Jean Batten made her first major flight from England to Australia in 1934 and even managed to beat Amy Johnson’s record.She flew back and became the first woman to make a return flight.She flew 16,900 kilometers 10,500 milimeters in 14 days 22 hours and 30 minutes Jean Batten Breck Amy Johnson’s record by over four days.Jean died November 22 1982 in Spain she died from a Animal attacks.


This week for maths we had to find out How accurate are LS1 at throwing (a ball into a bucket)?. We had to Place a bucket on the floor and  Measure 2m from the bucket, then place a marker to show where to throw from. and then Place 3 bean bags at the marker ready for the thrower.

Monday, 28 November 2016

Blog Commenting

Today i have been Blog Commenting on Angaris blog what i talked about was her explaining and learning intention.

Friday, 25 November 2016


This week for writing we were learning about information report we had to look at a video about information report.

Thursday, 24 November 2016


This week for maths she were trying to learn how acray can LS1 be by throwing a bean bag in to a bucket.

Tuesday, 22 November 2016


Today for reading we had to o a Biography on Amelia Earhart and Jean Batten. Each group was divided into groups of 4 and was named.

Blog Commenting

Today i commented on Savelinas blog.

Jean Batten

This week for inquiry we had to pick our favorite person out of Jean Batten,Richard Pese,Amelia Earhart and the Wright Brothers i picked Jean Batten we had to tell who she is or who he is and when was she famous.

Thursday, 17 November 2016

Explanations text

This week for writing we had to write a explanation text about how dose a plane fly we also used photos to explain the text i think this was hard but a little fun.

Wednesday, 16 November 2016


This week for other i chose times table i did leave one to stared with i think this was a little easy.

General Knowledge

Today for a can do i did General Knowledge what i had to do was a pick a country i picked Tonga i think that Tonga was a little different to my cutler but i think it was a great Island.

Blog Commenting

Today for Blog commenting i comment on Angari's Blog what i talk about was about how was it like learning about other contrary i think she did a great job.


This week for reading we had to to fill in this template and Summarising about the story it was called high flyers ti was about Richard p and when was the first plane made i think i like this book because it tells about the plane and it could help me on my writing.


This week for maths we had to do so measuring we also used a string to help us we were using a rule what we had to do was measure the island and write down the cm.

Rocket Experiment

Today for inquiry we did an experiment for this experiment  was about rockets we hanged a fishing line the put on a straw and the use a balloon and then blow it out and then stick it to the straw after that we pin  on the clip and then count to 3 and then open the clip and watch.

Friday, 11 November 2016

LS1 Mannequin Challenge

How do airplanes Fly

How do airplanes Fly-Recoding

Learning Intention: to infer information using clues and prior knowledge.
Today for Reading we had to read a explanation text it was How do airplanes fly what we had to do was to infer the story and show evidence form the text I think this was a little hard but 


I learnt My Addition to five faster.I learnt this by going onto to this maths site.What we had to do on this was we had to answer the questions right and fast i got 29/30 out of all of the tasks.Then you see have many seconds or minutes it took.It took 2 minis and 36 seconds.


Image result for measuring rulerThis week for maths we were focusing on measuring Mr Wong gave us a set of paper what we had to do was solve the measuring problem i think this was hard but fun to do.


This week for inquiry I learned about Rockets I did a lot of rocket science and Learn about different Types of Rockets.


Today i had to do a can i did addtion i think this was easy and i can do better.

Thursday, 10 November 2016

Blog comenting

This week for blog commenting we had to blog comment on the films that we saw at the manaiakalani.

Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Compare and Contrast

 LI:To understand a purpose of an Explanation.LI:To identify structure and language features of an Explanation.
This week for writing we had to look at information report and explanation what we had to do for our must do was use a Venn diagram that Mr Oglive made and then explain what dose a Explanation and Information have.

Monday, 7 November 2016


Today i did a another can do it was times this was stage 1 i think i can do better but i think i did a great job.

Friday, 4 November 2016


This week for cyber-smart we had to make a powtoon that says how to stay safe online i think i did a great job and can do better.

Thursday, 3 November 2016

Editing writing

LI:To edit narrative work using TEE structure.This week for writing we had to go back to our writing an edit and then add a photo to match my story i think this was a little hard but i tried my best.

Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Inference recording

LI:To infer information using clues and prior knowledge.This week for reading we had to read a story and then use this Inference recording sheet i worked with Mele what we had to do was pick a page and a part then write about it but in a shot line then we had to have proof after that we had to fill in the prior knowledge like something we know i think this was a little hard .

Story Starters

Today i went on Story Starters what i had to do was to write a Story  and add a picture the story was a b out a girl named Jane who was a mermaid but turned into a human i think this story was amazing and i think i did great job.