Friday, 13 April 2018

Simile and Metahpor

 For writing I made a DLO about simile and metaphor.But we draw it.For my DLO I chose a bat and a human this is about a man blind.Simile means comparing two things using like or as and Metaphor means Describing something without using like or as.


This week for Tech I was working on my sandpapering.For this I had to sand the edges and the font and back.Then I would call Mr Gurndy to cheak now I am on 800 and need one more to go before I polish.I am doing a mickey mouse for someone because it takes her back to when she watch mickey mouse.I really like this class because it is fun and you get to learn how to make necklace and learn about metal.Pewter video

Wednesday, 11 April 2018

Figure Skating

Link to PreziImage result for figure skating
The XXIII Olympic Winter Games will be held in PyeongChang, Korea. What I have done here is explain about the sport.Then I have add information about the sport.Next I added some photos about the sport and something related to the topic

Measuring Angles

I learnt how to Measure Angles using a protractor.This week for Maths I had to make a DLO explaining how to Measuring Angles using a protractor.What i have done here is wrote how to Measure Angels.I have also add a list of the different types of Angles as well as some images to match.

Read Theory

This week I got my Read Theory Progress.I think I have done good but I also think I should look more careful at the text.Read theory is a reading site.What you do is it will give you a grade then you read a story and answer the question if you get it right and your really good at that grade then it will give you another grade higher then that so it can test how good you are and find out your level for reading.

Audio Book

Image result for henry bob bobbalichToday for reading my group went on a site called Audio Book.What this dose it there is a book and it reads to you.I have read A story about an energetic boy with a special skill - climbing. But young Henry's spirits plunge when one day he is forbidden to climb. Will Henry Bob ever feel on top of the world again?

Video of Book - Link

Pencil Code

This week for Math I went on a site called Pencil code. What I have done here is used the different angle code words.I have now learnt how to use angle code.What I have also done is made a shape.It was hard because I had to figure out the turn of the turtle and much it would move forwards.