Friday, 15 June 2018

Reading Whit Juinors

This Week I was Working with a Lacey as my partern for Reading.I was Going to room four to show the little kids how to write a blog post.This is a photo showing me and Lacey practicing a reading game.Lacey-Hi my name is lacey and my friend is kaleb i have a sister-This sentences show Lacey and I writing about him self.

Digi-tech Project-lntial Planing

In Digi-Tech, we stared the Intial Planning for our Digi-tech Project.This Inclued completing the follow text.

Conceptual Stament
Context Brainstorm
Planning Time Frame

The purpose of the context brainstorm is to remind us about the different location in the Tamaki area.
The purpose of the Conceptual stament is to learn who to write a Stament about you are creating and what the aged it is valued to the people in the community.The purpose of  Planning Time Frames is to make sure the people know how the work gose and how much times to takes us to finishes works and the time consuming.The animation I am making are for 5-14 which are primary and Intermediate.

Thursday, 14 June 2018


This week for maths I was learning to slove Divison using my 10 times table.To do this we were answering some qestions then we made a DLO on how to do this.This is My DLO to solve a Divison Qestion is To do this you need a Qestion I have 52 ➗ 4.So we split the 52 into a 10 number I picked 40 then you get another number that addes up to 52 this answer should be from the times table your number is form your 1 didgt number.My number is 4.Then we see what the number you times it mine was 10 and 3 add them and it will add to 13.

Kiwi Can

This Week we had Kiwi Can.Our teachers for Kiwi can were Mrs Lily and Mr Matt.This week we were learning about Accountability.A way to show Accountability is to setup for the day which is have you netbook fully charged.We played some activity our fist activity was called Copy me.In this game there will be a number of actions.Each Action is numbed for example I get 5 on the white board you find the number you and your group got an d there should be a action.You need to copy that action and do it for 10,5, or 15 seconds.Then you just keep on reaping it.The more cards you get the more you win. The next Activity we played was called 2 truths and 1 lie.In this Activity we needed to give 2 truths and 1 lie.When we have said the 2 truths and lie the group has to guess witch one is a Lie.


This week for HIIT we were learning on how to Do Splits Squads,Split Squad Pulse,Split Squad Jump and Star Jumps.Everyone favorite part was the squad Jumps and the music that was playing.A big Thank you to Mrs Anderson for Motivating us and Helping us and Also a big thank to Mr Oglive for his music and Warm up moves.We also got to learn a fun game called Whano Whano.

Tuesday, 12 June 2018

Facts about Geese

This DLO Show Facts about Geese.This week for reading I was Creating a DLO about Geese.I putted on some photo so the reader can give an example.Did you know that a Geese wings are 5 cm tall.This taks was fomr the key into evaluation. The story we read was Feds Decisions. Feds Decisions is about a boy named Fed he has to make a Decisions if we wan'ts to keep a Geese(type of Goose).

Monday, 11 June 2018

The Respiratory System

This DLO Shows me and Viva Explaining what the Respiratory systems is. We talked on How the Respiratory System works.As the you breathe in fresh oxygen it travels through the trachea also known as the windpipe and from there the air travels to the bronchi each lung has one) then goes to the diaphragm the diaphragm then inhales and exhales your lungs to push air in and air out then the carbon dioxide get pushed. This cycle happens continuously throughout life. We also Include a way to make your own bottle Lung like how we made ours. Then We listed Facts about the Respiratory Systems as well as a summary on the parts.We used the 25 word Summary template to help us created the Summary. As you might see that me and Viva have putted on some photos of our Bottle for an exsample. For more information you can click on this site.Kidshealth - The Respiratory System