Thursday, 16 August 2018

Tamaki College OverDrive

Cover of Pray for a Fire Drill
This Week I was on Tamaki College OverDrive Year 7 and Year 8's are lucky to get a chance to read online using the Tamaki College OverDrive. A book that was interesting that I read on Tamaki College OverDrive was called Big Nate and Friends,Pray for a Fire Drill. This book is about a boy named Nate and he is having problem with his dad eating to much, His fiends not knowing how to play a game, His crush goign to someone else and wanting another teacher. I like this book because it is funny and it has cool pictures.

Group A's HIIT Workout

This week we are planing to make our own exercise using fortnite moves. The fortnite moves we are using are Wiggle,Best Mates,Take the L,Living Large and the Hype. Wiggle is when you wiggle your head and your body.Start of by moving your leg side to side then move your body side to side.Best Mates is when you jump and move your hands but not your elbows. Start off by jumping and then move your arm up side to side near your armpits and.Taking the L is when you kick both of your leg,jump at the same time and have you hand on you. Start off by kicking both leg and then jump and then have you finger something L on your head. The Hype is when you go up and down and move you arms and leg up and down.Start off by moving your arms up and down and then do the same with legs.In this you need you need to move you legs but move your shoulders and arms side to side. I really like these move because the really make our heart pump more.

Scale Drawings

This week we were learning how to to do scale drawings. I have picked Snoopy from the Peanuts movie. I have Picked this because it is a nice simple design. We first needed to find an image and then add a gird we needed to make sure that the squares were 1cm. Next, we grabbed an A3 paper to add a grid but we needed to make sure that the squares on the A3 paper were two Centimeters doing this means you are doing enlargement. Thirdly we needed to draw our design a tip Mrs. Kirkpatrick gave us was to focus on one box at a time. Next, we needed to add color for mine I only needed black and white. Lastly, we needed to make a label and then stick it on cardboard paper. I really like how my on turn out because my lines were straight.


The Tunnel

The wind blows like a roaring tiger.
Then the trees sway  like an elephant's trunk.
I see green things like grass,broken trees and leaves.
The branches were stiff as a rock and the tunnel was black like the stormy cloud.
I was thinking where will this lead me?.
As I walked through the tunnel I heard crackling noises from the leaves.
It was like crunching cereal. The rocks were old and covered in black and green grass.
It was a dark and gloomy night when thunder struck through the tunnel.
The thunder was booming like a earthquake and the clouds were black as a hole.
I said to myself “Will I survive or Will I die.”

This week I did a 5-7-10 writing. We had 5 minutes of writing,7 minutes of talking about the writing and 10 minutes for drafting our writing. We needed to writing and describe the image that Mrs. Kiripatrcik gave us. The story is about the Tunnel and the different things that happen around it and things that move around it.

Kiwi Can

This week for Kiwi Can we were learning about Problem Solving. We were talking about some problems in Public and in School. A problem in Public is Road Violence and a school problem can be bullying. The energizer we played was called Tangel we needed to join hand across us and side us then we need to try to untangle each other but still hold hands my group won this game and was really excited. The next Energizer we played was called Rock, Paper,Siccors leveal we need to beat the other person if we lose then we are on our knees then we need to battle another people on their knees if we lose and we are on our knees then we need to sit dnow and we are otu if we win and we are on our knees then we stand up. The next game we played was called Rope we needed to figure out how to get over the rope without jumping or going under what my group did was we all stand on magentas back and then hoped over the rope. The last thign we did was a GKQ Miss Morris was the winner for our GKQ today. The point of these games was too collaborate,encourage and have communication.


This Week we did HITT. This was our Third Session. We were learning how to do proper Push ups and Star Jump. First, we had to put on our Heart moderating and then do a warm-up.I was really happy with what I got because red means I am working Hard a got to read a couple of times. Everyone favorite part was the squad Jumps and the music that was playing. A big Thank you to Mrs. Anderson for Motivating us and Helping us and Also a big thank to Mr. Oglive for his music and Warm-up moves. We also got to learn a fun game called Whano Whano.

Friday, 10 August 2018


This week I got a Certificate for being confident in learning. Mrs Anderson told me I got this because she really liked how I was responsible and confident for doing a blog post about the New Medi Cube opening. I got my certificate with Avalon. I think I deserve this because I have been working hard to share my learning on my blog 5 times a week. A way to be confident is to be happy in what you do and what you say.