Thursday, 16 November 2017


Nelson Mandela Speech
Link of speech:Nelson Mandela Speech

What make his speech good.
He gives advice to people on to change
He talks about his POV
He gives persuasive words to change people's mind
He talks about the past and the future if we carry on doing the opposite of his POV.
He gives good reasons to back up his POV.
He talks about change people's ways
He gives inspiration to people to change.
He Talks about what happens if people won’t change.

What was the speach about
He talks about changing the world and the community.HE also talk about why we should change

Did he give eye contact.He gave a lot eye contact
He can inspire people on changing
Different speech speed.Yes a little
Does he use retail.Yes he said Do we need to change

I learnt who nelson madlea is.What i had to do first was i had to make a doc then i had to list things that were good in his speach then i had to tell what he did and do.i think i did a great job and i think nelson did a great job on his eye contact


I learnt what the six different Trade workers are.I learnt it by doing this task what we had to do was we had to work in partners i worked with Chris.What we had to do first was we had to get facts about our jobs that we picked.The next thing we did was we had to make up our own fact.After that we had to answer key questions and find a photo that related to the topic.


I learnt how to use a racket.This week our kiwi sport for the tearm was batmtin. What we had to do was we had to learn how to jugle the shuttle.HE also showed us some tricks.We also had a challge we had to see how can juggle the most and longest.The next thing we had to do was practicing hit it to each other.After that we use a diffrent net to play a realy with a parnter

Police vist

Today the police visited the whole school.What they did was they talked about there jobs.We first had a lovey visit by a plane.Then after that they talked about the plane and the parts.Then next thing was the dogs.What they talked about was the different things that they dogs can do like smell the vitcim,Find the cash that was gone and also smell drugs.My fav partwas the dogs because of the tricks.

Kiwi Can

For kiwi can we foucas on comnnction.WHat we did was we played 3 games.What we had to do first was the cone game what we had to do was we had to flip then cone the team that fliped the most wins.The next game we played was a knight hosers and genterman.What we had to do was we had to find a parter and then do the action

Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Free Rice

Today i was playing free rice i think i
have done  great job the subject was Famous Painting i have now donated 310 i
think it was fun and you should
try it. the link:

Table conga

Today I did some table conga and That is a math game that you can do to learn Multiplication and when you complete it then you get a award trophy for it and then you can practice the rest of your multiplications.The key was to get all of the numbers that comes after 2 like 2 4 6 8 10.Like counting in 2's.And there is also a virus that has a X on it and it is grey.If it tochs you then you will be out.I won the 2,3,4 and 7.I think for a maths game i would give this a 10 out of 10 because it helps with times tables.