Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Kiwi Can

This week for kiwi can we had different kiwi can people.what we did first was we played a game  So we had to get in a circle and Mr Latu would point at us and say one of the actions and we would have to do it.So if he said tiger we would show our claws.Then our next and fainl game was called target zone.What we had to do was the neast cone was 10 point the little bit far one was 20 and the farest on was 50.So we thor the hopif we thorw it and it land over the cone on say point 20 then we get 20 points.Then we did a GKQ - General Knowledge Questions

Maths Plan

LI:To create a piece of art using:Rotation, Translation and reflection. I learnt how to do flip slide and turn.What we had to do was we had to pick a easy thing to draw but what we did next was we got someone to create a google draw and then we silted so we can find NZ designs and then other country design.Then next we had to go on a google doc that Mr O shared to us what we had to do was put on something we wanted to draw but it had to be cutrla. What i chose was a kiwi.


I learnt how to buddy read.I learnt it by doing this task what we had to do was we had to pick three books out of four then e had to read it with a buddy.After that we had to go on the group slide and click on the book picture then we had to do the task or quiz that it tells us to do .Then we had to make a find,draw and Anime act to solve the tricky words.

Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Table Conga

Today I did some table conga and That is a math game that you can do to learn Multiplication and when you complete it then you get a award trophy for it and then you can practice the rest of your multiplications.The key was to get all of the numbers that comes after 2 like 2 4 6 8 10.Like counting in 2's.And there is also a virus that has a X on it and it is grey.If it tochs you then you will be out.I won the 2,3,4 and 7.I think for a maths game i would give this a 10 out of 10 because it helps with times tables.

SSR Selfie

 LI: to summarise and retell a text.In Reading Mr Wong teach us how to us the SSR Selfie we had to Read a whole picture book or a chapter book for at least 15 minutes. Take a selfie with your book. Write a post about what happened in the part you read we had 3 levels.For level 1 we had to have a What happened, who did it in our blurb for explain the story.Level 2 was What happened, where and when it happened; who did it and for level 3 was what happened, where and when it happened; who did it, why and how they did it.I think this was kinda easy but level 1 was the best for me .Because we just had to talk about happen

Raz Kids

I learnt how to skim and scan when i read and i also learnt form the story that it is good to share.I learnt it by read this book.The book was about a boy named sammy.He like stuff he would buy new stuff like computers and more.


I learnt how to write a comment. I learnt this by doing this task.What i had to do was comment on someones blogs i comment on Marieat blog.I had to talk about what was good and what she need to work on i also had to write an engorgement.