Friday, 24 May 2019

Stardome Trip

This term our Inquiry topic was Space. To learn more about space we went on a trip to stardome at night. We first enter a room that was round. We then watch a live show. The show showcased the different constellations,stars and moons. We observed Scorpion,Sagittarius and Maui hook. We then observed the different moons of Jupiter. Did you known that Jupiter has 96 moons. After this we then looked at Saturn. I learnt that Saturn rings are made out of ice particles and also dust. I thought that they were made out off gas and asteroids. After the Live show we got to look around stardome. There were Lego rockets like Sputnik 1,Vostok 1 and Apollo 1. My favorite part was seeing the astronaut food. Did you know that the astronaut foods are in cube and are covered in a thick coat of gelatin to reduce crumbs that might damage the rocket. This was such a fun trip and we would like to thank Stardome for this opportunity.

Thursday, 23 May 2019

Helping a Student

Today I went to room 6 to teach them how to log onto Sunshine Classic with their iPad. Sunshine classic is a Reading app that provides a book and a range of activity for students to try and complete. Here is a photo of me helping Devinah. I needed to teach her and the rest of the students on my table to write there name and class number by themselves. I stared by getting them to spell there name and if they had trouble doing that I would get them to sound there name out.It was hard as some student did not know how to spell there name but at they end of the day most students achieved there goal by longing into their Sunshine classic account.

Penguin-Information Report


Introduction:Today I will be talking about Penguins. It's not about how they look nor how they eats but
it is about themselves and how there are the creatures who live in such a cold place. Did you know that they male penguins
look after the eggs until it hatches. Today I will be talking to about their Appearance which is how they look,Diet which is the
type of food they eat,Habitat is about were they live and Facts about themselves

Diet:A penguins Diet is Krill,Fish,Crustacean,Squid and other small
animals. Penguins are carnivores and an interesting fact about them is how they
eat is that they don’t taste anything but the don't mind. Penguins eat about Six kilograms or thirteen
pounds of food per day and there predators seals and orcas eat penguins. The colors of there feather black and
white are called counter shading which helps them camouflage while they swim to find food. All the food that they found was
form the sea as the mother is always hunting for the food

Identification:An appearance of an Penguin is that they are color of
Black and white. They have a short neck and a long beaks as they have no teeth.
They have a large head and some penguins have yellow and a mix of pink and peach underneath
there beaks. The are covered in feathers.They also have flippers but since it is slow to walk on flippers the
lie on their backs and glide around to their location they use their bullber to protect them what they do is also called tobogganing.

Habitat:A Habitat for a Penguin is ideally cold places for example Antarctica.
Not all Penguins are found in Antarctica they can also be found in Africa,Australia,South America,Galapagos
Island and our found in the southern hemisphere. Today help them survive in the cold they use a special oil to look after their
feathers and blubber which is a thick fur that covers their stomachs when they are tobogganing to protect their stomachs.

Facts:Did you know that Penguins are a family of birds and they are warm blooded. There are about 17 different species of
penguins and they weight 45kg. Today I learnt that the largest penguins species is called emperor penguin and the smallest penguin is
officially called Little penguin or Blue Penguin. Penguins never Fly but they never cry either. It takes about 75 days for the penguins
eggs to hatch.

Conclusion: I hope you learnt something about penguins remember It's not about how they look nor how they eats
but it is about themselves and how there are the creatures who live in such a cold place. Penguins are the most Cutest and
coldest animals but every little,big,small,short,tall penguin is important in every single way.

This week we have been foucasing on how to write a Information Report. Today we were to write about a certain topic. For today we  were to write about Penguins to help us structure this we used Tips. This stands for Title,Introduction,Paragraphs and Summary. Some of the language features that needed to be used were Present tense,Nouns,Technical words and Facts because a Information report is made up of facts that are ture.. Everyone had a challenge to used a Complex sentence. A Complex sentence is made up of AAAWWUBBIS,Idea that doesn't make sense and a comma.

Tuesday, 21 May 2019

Celebrity Star profile

This term for reading Waiheke and Rakino has been focusing on how we could make strong Dialogical conversations with people in our groups. We comment and receive feed back by asking questions, pointing out mistakes and being positive towards each other. After replying back a Dialogical conversation happens. I have read a book called Celebrity Star Profile. This book is about different stars. At night time on a clear night you might see dark patches. Those dark patches are called star nurseries. They are big clouds of dust and gas called nebulae. A nebulae will turn into a star if its shocked into action. A shock is a exploding star called supernova. For this response I have created a DLO about the country where my book was from. The book was from America!

One Small Step

This week I read a book called  One small step this book was about Neil Armstrong,Buzz Aldrin and Micheal Collins becoming the first men on the moon. Apollo 11 the rocket took the Apollo crew Neil Armstrong,Buzz Aldrin and Micheal Collins to the moon. AT 9.32 am on 16 July 1969, The huge atlas rocket carrying the  crew of Apollo 11 thundered skywards from the Kennedy space center in Florida. Nearly a million people had come to watch. For this activity I explain why the book had its title.

First Up

First Up
Today I read a book called First up. This book is  about a Cosmonaut named Yuri Gagarin he was from Russia and he was at the launch pad in Kazakhstan. Yuri  Gagarin is twenty seven years old but he is just 1.57 meters but that would not stand in his way we wanted to go to space. This is a Flip snack that I created based one First up for this activity I needed to retell the article in my own words. I really enjoyed how they labeled the Rocket because it showed the amount of space that Yuri Gagarin. It was really small but he could fit.

Monday, 20 May 2019

Tamaki Collage Orientation Session

Today the year 8's remained at Tamaki Collage after Tech. We first went to the school library to have our morning tea while eating the students who where going to help us and Mr Dun introduce themselves. We then started our first orientation session doing math. For maths we were making a alien picture using condensates. Then went to another class to look at Silence. We were using dry ice to do different experiments. We used safety glasses and gloves to keep us safe.What we did first was Glove Ice what we needed to do was add the dry ice in the glove. Then we needed to tie a not and wait.While we were waiting we then stared on a new activity it was called Rocket Dry Ice we needed to put the water and dry ice in the black container and leave it upside down and it would go up. The last activity was was making a bubble. Thank you to all the teachers who set everything up for us but the challenge I enjoyed the most was making the bubbles.