Tuesday, 27 June 2017


What i learnt was how to comment and what i need to put in the comments. I learnt this by doing this activity. What i had to do was put in engorgement a question and things they need to work on.I commented on Claudia i though she did a great job but still need to improve.


LI: to engage with current events.What i learnt was to compare and contrast.I also learnt how to use the 5 hats.What we had to do for the compare and contrast was we had to pick a topic i picked The large fire in London. Then we had to pick 2 articles that is the same topic as we picked then we had to write what was things that are different and then things that are the same.For current events we had to do the same thing but we had to fill in the slide for example it will say how do you feel and i will write sad about what happen.


What i learnt was what the stars mean and there names.I learnt it by doing this task.What we had to do was we had to Pick a continent between Africa,Asia,Europe,America and Australia.I picked America. Then we had to find some events that they celebration.Then we had to talk about what they do for example i chose Thanksgiving so i write down What they do is have a big fest and pray.

Thursday, 22 June 2017


I learnt how to skim and scan when i read and i also learnt form the story that it is good to share.I learnt it by read this book.The book was about a boy named sammy.He like stuff he would buy new stuff like computers and more.


This week for Cybersmart. We had to blog comment on Tamaki Primary's School blog.I commented on Irys her worked that i comment on was Matariki.What i had to do was make a connection,Encourage her and say what she need to work on.I learnt how to comment and skim and scan when i read there post.

Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Narrtive Checking

I learnt how to comment on google docs.I learnt it by doing this task.What we had to do was pick a partner and read there narrtive. Then we had to comment what we or them need to fix.We had to comment on the Jack and Jill i worked with Mele and Alice.Mele's narrative was about the Creepy Monster takes over Halloween.I like her story because it made sense and Her story had a great hook.


LI- To use BRAIN acronym to identify possible changes to a technology piece or system.I learnt what is a system and a piece.I learnt it by doing this task.What we had to do was get in to three groups but we went into four.Then we had to do the slides that Mr Wong and Mr oglive made for us and make a copy.Then we had to pick a picture and then talk about the Benefits,Risks,Alternatives,Initiatives and Next or Nothing.These words stand out for Brain.