Wednesday, 16 August 2017


.I Identify characteristics of a good team Identify characteristics of a good team member.I learned to make up a game with only 5 people in my group the people in my group were Fau,Florence,CharlizeMiiana. And we Worked on a game and we named it Blindfold Shoot. I learned it by making a slide for materials,Rules and how to lay the game. And I had to cooperate with my group and listen for what there discisions were and then someone had to write down what the Materials are what the Rules for the game were and how do we play the game.On Thursday we are going to play our game i think our game is fun but is still corpated.

Kiwi Can

This week for Kiwi Can we Talked about self control.We played two activy. The first activy was bing bong bounce.What we had to do was if Mrs Latioa said bing bong bounce then we say bang but if she just say bounce then we don't say bang.The next activy was GKQ what we had to do was answers the question that Mr Wong or Mrs Latioa said.I think this was fun because  we had to control our self and considerate.

Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Raz Kids

This week for other i did Raz kids.I learnt that Obama was a lawyer and his name was Barack Obama.I learnt it from Raz Kids it had the story called Barack Obama.


I learnt how to write a comment. I learnt this by doing this task.What i had to do was comment on someones blogs i comment on Nyjah blog.I had to talk about what was good and what she need to work on i also had to write an engorgement.

Maths Week

Today i played this game called raining money it is a maths games maths it is a fun game there is Junior junior,junior senior and family have to get the money the more you get the more points you get.And we i was timed for 100 seconds. Then we had to see how much money we got.

Inference Detectives

Inference Detectives: Looking for clues

Tom's Mad
  • He slammed the door
  • He Stormed towards the door
  • He clenched his fists until the knuckles were white

Tom was mad at his Teammates
  • Because he walked away for them
  • His teammates stared at each other
  • They were stunned silence

Hannahs was happy
  • She was giggling
  • Her eyes were big as a sacers
  • She was delighted

Hannahs was a baby
  • She clapped her tiny hands
  • She was squealing

Fred was sad
  • Because he Hobble towards the counter
  • He was going home for a lonely night
  • He had shaking hands

He was Alone

  • He was walking home lonely.
  • He had a old photo of his wife named Molly
  • He was Going to sit and watch tv alone

To learn about inferring.I learnt what Inference meant.I learnt by doing this task.What we had to do was infer by using this sheet.What we had to do was we had to make an infer about the stories.There were 3.The also had to look out for hints to get the answers to make it and Inference.

Monday, 14 August 2017

Tables Conga

Today I did some table conga and That is a math game that you can do to learn Multiplication and when you complete it then you get a award trophy for it and then you can practice the rest of your multiplications.The key was to get all of the numbers that comes after 2 like 2 4 6 8 10.Like counting in 2's.And there is also a virus that has a X on it and it is grey.If it tochs you then you will be out.