Friday, 28 July 2017

Kiwi Can

What i learnt was what resilience meant and what it is.I learnt this by doing this task.What i had to do was create a presntion about what we did at kiwi can.Then we had to talk about what you played and how to play it.After that we talked about what we learnt for the actviys.I think these activy were easy but hard at the same time explaining.

Making Safe Decision

Screenshot 2017-07-28 at 11.10.38 AM.png LT:To Make Safe Decision.I learnt how to to Make Safety Decisions.I learnt this by doing this task.What we had to do was pick a partner.Then we have to make a poster for kids to understand what Making Decisions mean.after that we add pictures that relate to the text to give them more idea.Then we Make it neat so they can understand what we are talking about.

Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Kiwi Can

Today Mr Molu came to our class for Kiwi Can.I learnt what Resilience meant and what it is.I also learnt what emotion Meant.What we had to do was we had to talk about what we did today.I worked with Avalon. We had to also take photos for examples of what we did.

Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Persuasive Words

LI What is Persuasion.LI: to show what we already know about the purpose and language of advertising.I learnt how to use Tagul and what Persuasive means.I learnt this by doing this task.What we had to do was use a word art.I used Tagul. Then we had to list words that we learnt about Persuasive.Then we write it down on the Tagul sheet.After that we had to use at lest 20 words for the word art.Then we could change the color,shoe and layout.


LT:Divide a region into equal parts using materials or imaging. Share equally using materials or imaging.I learnt what is a Fraction and a Unit Fraction.I also learnt how to make a Fraction.I learnt this by Doing this task.What I had to do was I had to explain what is a Fraction and Unit Fraction.Then i had to show an example of how to cut it to make a fraction.When had to use food to cut for the example I used a Donuts and Pizza.

Friday, 7 July 2017


The Midnight Spirit

The Monster-Paragraph 1
Thump! As Jack and Jill walked to school they heard something strange. It was very scary. When they entered the school, the door creaked close as if someone was there. Jack and Jill got really scared and ran to their classroom as fast as they could. After a long day at school they were walking  home and praying the noise would be gone but then Thump! the sound was there again, they ran super fast like a cheetah. When they got home they were making their costume for Halloween because tomorrow  was Halloween and they were very excited.

It was Friday 10:00am in the morning and they were walking to school. But as they walked they heard the sound. Suddenly a loud Thump! Filled their ears. But this time they didn't run away  they  went to go Investigate and what they found was a monster living in a old cabin around dead animals.

When the school teacher called out the roll Jack and Jill did not respond, so they called the police to find them.They were found where the monster lived so they shut it down and  it was banded to enter.

Meanwhile they left  and went home and worked on there costume. Then at 11:59am they started to get ready for Halloween it was nearly Midnight and they were looking forward to seeing the monster again.

The founded Spirit-Paragraph 2
“Come on hurry up” Jack’s Dad shouted. They went to the basement to find some old buckets for their candy. When they were in the basement they felt something strange, there was a devil spirit and he was looking in the basement. First they went to go get mom and dad to help but when the devil saw everyone he ran to a Swap. The spirit went to the Swap because that was where the he lived and they asked him if he knew  the monster and he said yes he had wanted to catch him for years.

He told them a story,  he said there was an army and he and the monster were in it anyone could join. They were best friend but then one day he tried to kill him so then the spirit escape.

The Dead Monster and the Candy-Paragraph 3
Then they set up a plan each person will kill him so like if devil is low then Jack comes in a tries to kill the monster. Then they battled the monster the devil was very strong so they were happy  because the monster was getting weak so they kept on trying then a huge strike from Mom and Dad killed him because they could see that the spirit was a little low.

But then he stood up tall and mighty. The spirit had used all his special power but when he trying to kill the monster there was not enough powers left. So he ran away back to his swap. Mum and dad said ”I think we should go” But Jill and Jack said “No” Jack was very confused and he didn’t know what he had to do. So all he could think of was sacrifice for his family. The monster picked up his sword and killed Jack. Jill was terrified and her tears came down her neck then Jill wiped away her tears and she got so angry that she took the sword of her mother and putted the sword through his chest and killed him and then he died. Then something strange was happening something was coming out of the monster it was Jack soul and then it went in to Jack’s heart and then  Jack came alive.Then Jill hugged him and just in time it was midnight was over.Then they went and knocked on to people's doors for candy they had a lot and then they went home.All the screams of joy filled there room and they stuffed the yummy delicious chocolate in there mouths then Jacks says i am going to get something it was the Monsters sword and he said”What should we do about it”Then Jill added”We give it to the spirit because he helped us”Then the next day on there way to school mum and dad dropped off  Jack and Jill then first they went to the swap near the monsters old cabin it was far away from their school a little. And then they gave  the spirit the sword.

What i learnt was how to write a narrative.I learnt this by doing this task.What we had to do was write a narrative that was the topic Jack and Jill then we had to use our plan to help us with our story.Then we had to draw pictures to make our story fun.

Tuesday, 4 July 2017

What i celebrate

I learnt how i celebrate New years and Fathers day.I learnt this by doing this task.What i did was talk about New year.What My family celebration is New year.What we do to celebrate is each family will fill a basket with treats,clothes and food.Then we give it to each family.We also have to bring food to because we have a big feast.Then we pray and sing songs to god.Fro Fathers day My family celebration is Fathers day.On Fathers Day Our Dad gets to pick what he wants and what he wan’ts to eat.Then we head out and go to our uncles house to play and to have fun.Then we add picture's to make it look pretty.

Tamaki Wrap

I learnt what plastic is made out of.I also learnt where plastics gose.I learnt this by doing this task.What w had to do was to be splited into 4 groups.Then we had to visit the 4 tables because on those tables there activities about Waste.The first activity was How much Auckland makes rubbish in a week.It was a size of a food ball field so then we had to stick chippy packets on the paper.For the second Activity we had to do the same this by the Question was different It was called where dose the Plastic bag go.I also learnt that plastic bags look like jelly fish when it is in the water then the turtles will eat it and then died.The third Activity was we had to think of things we can recycle that is not Plastic Bag.Then we drawer thing that we could recycle.Then the last Activity was we had to put on nature photos that do no contain plastic.


I learnt how to use the 6 hats.I also learnt how to compare and contrast.I learnt it by doing this activity. What we had to do was we had to pick 2 articles that are the same subject by different story.Then we had to use the Venn diagram to compare and contrast.For current events we had to answer the question that said on the slides of each hat.The colors of the hats are blue,black,yellow,green,red and the white.