Thursday, 22 September 2016

Independent Reading

This week we had to do a Independent Reading task we had to complet the task i think the hard part was the text tpye i think i can in porve by reading a lot more and understand more hard question.

Valerie adams

Today for inquiry we finish our rotation so my teachers gave us a challenge we had to chose a person that was in the Rio Olympic or in the prior Olympics and I had to use the 5 w's and the h as our questions.I had to also answer those question but just make up A question for myself then answer it.This was a free research task but it was still hard for me because some of the questions I couldn't find.

Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Procedural Planning

This week for Mr olivge group we had to write a Procedural text on how to fly and make a plane our learning intention was LI:To write a procedural text.I think the explaining was hard and what i could improve is by make my line more detail and i think i did good.

Writing word problems

 Today day for Mr Wong maths group we had to make words problem our learn intention was LI: to choose addition or subtraction to solve word problems what i did was i made a copy of the writing word problems that Mr Wong made and made some word problems what was difficult was the number's because they got bigger and bigger i think i need to practice my addition and subction.I found hard to do the answers but i think i did a great job

Thursday, 15 September 2016

Blog comenting

Basic Addition 3

Today i went on transum and played a game that will help my math i picked Basic Addition i think it was easy and fun to do.

Robber's mask

This week for Mr Wongs reading we readed a text called Robber's mask we had to make a copy of this template.what we had to do on the template was to explain the text,what we had to do And give a exslampe my learning intention called LI:To find to main idea i a text.

Using subtraction.

This week for Mr Wong's maths group we were using subtraction Mr Wong also made a task on study ladder it was kind of easy but hard and fun to do my learning intention is called LI: to solve word problems using subtraction.

Personal Trainer DLO

 This week for inqriy Mr Ogilvie's group had to make a Training Routine called Personal Trainer DLO that Mr oglive made some of the question were What you need to consider,How long and how many times per week are you training,How would you measure improvement,What area do you need to train we had to chose 4 sports but i did two i did that because it was hard but fun to do.

How to grow a plant

Today for Writing my group had to write steps of things that we mad i did how to grow a plant i did it because it was easy and i had growled a plant my learning intention was called LI:To write a procedural text i think this was fun and eays

Friday, 9 September 2016

24 Hour footprint

On thusday the year 5's were in the class room with miss shering we had to look on our history and see what we were on and then add the logo and the poster that we had to make we ues pilxr to make our backround the bule was water,yellow was the sand and the green was the grass i think i did a great job and can do better.


This week we had to go on nerpod and names some of  the body parts on the picture we also had to atubity some images of agilt and list sports that we need for olimcy.

Thursday, 8 September 2016

Word webs

Today ruapehu group had to make a word wed we also played a game we split into two group we had five minutes to read and to find the meaning then he gave us colorful sticks he gave us 5 then we had to pick some of the hard words and the meaning that we wrote then Mr Wong will see if it was true or false if it was true then he will say what colour to trade the team that gets 5 sticks in one colour wins i think it was a great game and think i can do better. My learning intention was called LI: to find the most important (main) idea in a text.

Poetry word

Today  Mr Oglive writing did a acrostic poem then Mr Oglive gave us a word it was Education we had to use adjective and use words  that what we would do at school i think this was hard because we had to make them in sentens. I think i did i great job and can do better.

Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Two digit addition DLO

Today i had to do a task on studdyladder it was Two digit addition i think it was kinda easy because i use so ways that helped me i 9 out of 1 i think i did a great job my learning intention was LI: to solve word problems using addition.

Thursday, 1 September 2016

Poetry name

 Today i had to make a crossword poetry my learning intention was called To use a range of vocabulary to create a picture the the reader mind i think this was hard but i think it was fun to do.