Wednesday, 28 February 2018

Table Dash

This week for maths we played a game called  table dash.What we did was we had to match the number.But if we hit the flash then we lose.

Friday, 23 February 2018

5 Main points

I learnt the 5 main points.What we had to do was we had to make a copy of a document.Then i read this artcile about snow next we had to write the 5 main things about the article i learnt that They are trying to reduce,reuse and recycle waste water to make snow They are trying to reduce,reuse and recycle waste water. The Sewage waste waters is trending around america and around the world to make snow. Los Angeles is usings recycled water to irrigate golf court. Using wastewater to make snow. Some people think it shouldn’t be used.


I learnt PBS Wahkatauki. What we did was we made a dlo then we talk about the Schools Whakatauki. Then we had to talk about why we have this what dose it mean and what do we need to do.I was hard because not most people knew that we had a Whakatauki.


This week for kiwisport we had solfball.A girl named Alissa came and thought us how to play it.She was from Auckland solfball.She told how to do a ground ball.A ground ball means you roll it on the ground and try and catch with two hands.Then we have to learn how to catch it in the air.

Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year

How is Chinese New Year celebrated?
Wow what a day for chinese New. year .Yes I know Chinese New year is today.Today I will talk about how it is celebrated in China and all over the country.

In there house they but up banners with red and gold.This means the red will scare away the evil spirit.After they decorate they wear special clothes which are called Qipao and Haunfu.A Qipao is a type of chinese dress and a Hanfu is like a dress but with long sleeves and is for men and also women.

After they decorate and get dressed the town's decorate with lanterns.They have food to celebrate.They mostly have Shrimp,Noodle and Ego.Ego means wealth to a coming year it also looks like gold.Noodle means heath for a longlife and Shrimp mean Happiness because the word is similar to smile.

As part of the festive red envelopes are handed to Children and to unmarried couples.Inside it has money.Then after so much food and playing around they lit up lanterns.Lanterns come in different shapes and sizes.Some float on water and some fly in the sky.They do this because it can make them remember the people that have past away.

Well there you go this is how Chinese celebrate New year.Like i said before people form all over the world celebrate this too..They have a lot of things to do in this special day.They must be exhausted for all the celebrating and decorating for the special day.

I learnt how to write a explanation.I worked With Avalon.What we did was we talk about how people celebrate Chinese New year.We first wrote some ideas on what they do to celebrate .Then we talked about the things they do.What they do is they eat Noddle,Egg roll and Shrimp Noddle means long life,Egg roll means bar of gold and shrimp means happiness and the word is similar to smile.They also use lanterns to remember the lost people.

Thursday, 22 February 2018

Place Value

I learnt how to Subtract using a Place value solution.What we did was we made a google slide then we had to make a maths question of our own and solve it using screencastify. Then i got my maths book and we answer different math question that Mrs Anderson gave us.

Kiwi Can

I learnt about Respect. What we did was we learnt about respect.We also learnt abut rules.We talk about why is rules imported and why we need it. We need it because it can keep us safe also because the game is fair. The first game we played was Mille. We needed to do the right action if he said tiger then we but our hands up if he said bafflo then we but our hands down. It was hard because he kept on mixing the action up.

Friday, 16 February 2018

Place Value

What i did was i made a google slide then i talk about how to solve a place value.Then we had to make a video about how to solve it.After that i had to put it on the slide.We also made a maths pestion for us to solve in to video.


This week Friday i got a Certificates. It was for having a positive attitude at school. Positive attitude means making good choose,Listen and Care for people.Me and Viva from LS2 got the Certificates. Then after the Assembly we had to take photos to post on our blogs.

Summer Learning Jounery Prize

This week Rachel form the wolf fisher university came and talk about the summer learning journey.What we had to do was in the holidays we have to complete the activity that is on Rachel's site.Then when we had finish we have to do some commenting. Commenting can give us extra points.Then after when school has started she come's on Friday and gives prizes.I got a Next ball,Next Foundation T-shirt.I would like to give a big thank you to Rachel and Next foundation for the prize and the time to check our work.


This week Friday we went to our first session of tech at Tamaki College.Our Teacher was Mr Grundy.What we were were learning about was mealt. He taught us how to melt them.First we had to make a copy of a document.Then we had to think of four people that we might want to make a necklace for.I picked My Grandma,Dad,Mum,Avalon.Then we had to add images that relate to the person.After that Mr Grundy got some pewter and melted it before we went he tagut as what silhouette was it was a photo that was black and had no holes but the hole had to be cricle.

Thursday, 15 February 2018

Kiwi Can

This week for Kiwi Can we had a topic.It was Encouragement.We had new Kiwi Can leaders they are Miss lily and Mr Matt.We played different games the first game was change places if... in this game we had to say something if that person did that something then we change places the last person to get to a spot goes in the middle and says something else.The second game was 10 second tag.So for this game we only get ten seconds holding the ball but the aim is to tag people with the ball.We can't move with ball if Mr Matt finisher counting 10 slowly then we find out how many people got tagged by the ball.Then we came back on the flied to talk about how to encourage people.

Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Auckland to Pyeongchang


I created this DLO that shows how far away Pyeongchang is from Auckland I now know Pyeongchang is in South Korea. South Korea is a country near China and Japan. I know that Seoul is the capital of South Korea. One fact I found interesting was that the korean flag has the yin yang sign in the middle of it. Yin yang mean dark bright.

Making Snow

Making Snow?

  • Snow is made out of water
  • The water has to break up into particles and freeze before it reaches the ground.
  • Snow i made form a snow gun
  • Tiny water around clouds get frozen and turn into snow flakes.

I learnt how to compare to site.What I had to do was I had watch and read a video about snow.Then we had to make a doc and write what information is the same on the video and Site.Once we have finish we blog it.

Making Connections

L.I. Make connections text to text, text to world and text to self.I learnt how to make connection.What we had to do was we had to read a book about making snow.We also had to use a doc that was called Making connection.On the doc it said Text to text.Text to word and Text to self.In text to text we had to write what was they same in one text and another.Text to world is about a text as the same as something happing to the word and text to self is our reaction.

Blog Anaylsis

I learnt how to make a graph. What I had to was i had to make a graph about how many blog post we blogged each year.I stared using this in 2015.What i had to put in my DLO was information on what i need to improve or what happen over the year when i was blogging.

Wednesday, 7 February 2018

Summer Holiday Recount

Remembering our Summer Hoilday

LI:Writing a recount

I heard the waves splashing like a roaring tiger

I heard People shouting like they were drowning

I saw big buildings that were big as an elephant

I felt the thick salty water crashing on me

I felt so tired and slow because i was like a turtle because i was charsing my friend

I wonder if most people snore in their hotel room

I wonderd if we would ever have to come back.

I learnt how to write a recount.What i had to do was write a recount about my Holiday.I had to use words and sense.To help me i ues 7 sentences.I also had to ues Smile,Metaphor,alliteration, personification, and assonance.