Thursday, 31 May 2018


This Week for Kiwi-sport we were learning how to pass.This first thing we did was played a game called Octopus but it was different because if you rip off there tags then the person with there tag gone off has to be a tagger.Next we played a full game of ripper rugby.This was hard for me because I couldn't catch the ball properly.

Wednesday, 30 May 2018

Making Connections

Making Connections

L.I. Make connections text to text, text to world and text to self

Text to text

Text to world
Text to self
Something I have read or watched
that is like this is...
Something I know
about that is like this is...
My reaction
to this story is...
I have read something
like this and it
is called the City of atlantic.

Something I know is that a lemur is a
primate animal
from madagascar.

I have a connection to
this story
because lemurs and my brothers
are also hairy
This week I was Making connection using a book called The mystery of the kalonoro.This story is about 2 kids named Carla,Rob and there dad are in Madagascan jungle.When their tools star to diappear,Rob decides to set a trap.Do you think a Kalonoro is real?The next thing I did was I filled in the template


This week was Samoan language week.Me and my group created a screencastify on how to say the months of the year in samoan.I was working with Kaitlin,Avalon,Hinemoa and Sulia.The months were hard for them because of the different letter that was silent.I think that it is great getting to learn more about my cultural.

Tuesday, 29 May 2018

Samoan Langue Week-O le Vaiaso Gagana Samoa

Samoan Langue Week-O le Vaiaso Gagana Samoa.This week the half of LS1 and LS2 made a DLO about Samoan Language week.I corroborated with Avalon,Hinemoa,Kaitlin and Sulia. Our DLO was about Dance or Siva.First we Talked about the different dances that are celebrated in samoan. Then you add some photos as well as a video to help people understand what Samoan dances look like.Video-Click to watch a Samoan Dance.

Wednesday, 23 May 2018

How to solve the 9 times table?

How do you solve the 9 times table? This week Mrs Anderson's maths group were learning how to solve the 9 times table and bigger numbers using the 10 times table strategies. A quick way to solve your 9 times tables it to times a number for example 3 then you times it by 10. Your answer should be 30 then you minus 3 the answer should be 27. Then you need to add it to the top and you answer should say 3 x 9=27.

My DLO has Examples of what it should look like as well as an explanation and Screencastify.


What is a boar.A Boar is a type of pig.This week for Mrs Kirkpatrick Reading group our activity was making a DLO about what the dangers of Boars are.I learnt that there tusk are dangerous because they can jump and scratch you with there tusk..I also listed some facts about the Boar.Did you know that Boars Weights are between 50 – 90 kg (Adult).

Skeletal Systems

We need to have bones so you can move.When you are born you have 300 bones and then when you get older you have 206. This Activity explains what the Skeletal Systems dose to our body. The Skeletal Systems help protect you origins like lungs, stomach, liver, intestine and brain. I collaborated with Chavda, Viva, Joel and Hajera. We used a site called EzGif to create a moving photo to show the progress of the body building and falling.The fun part was seeing if it was going to stand. We used Play doh as the skin and toothpicks as the bones.

Tuesday, 22 May 2018


This week for Maths I went onto e-ako.I went on an game what I needed to do was Use the keyboard or the calculator on the screen to enter the number that completes the equation.SO for exsmaple 2 + --- =10 the answer would be 8.This was a little easy but the time was going fast I mange to get up to 20.Tens Frames was included.

Monday, 21 May 2018


This week for robotics I was making a car with Charlize.We used different things like axel.The things I found great was the brain.What you can do is program it to move and talk.At this stage me and Charlize  are programming it to move.The hardest parts of the car was getting the brain stuck on and secure.Who you make on of these?

Speech Marks

Fake Text
Speech Marks
“Hi Kevin.”said Bob

“Hi Bob.”Kevin replied back.

“Do you want to enter the
inter school basketball?”
asked Bob

“Sure”replied Kevin

“Training’s are on Tuesday
form 3-4 pm”said Bob

“Ok see you later”
replied Kevin

“Ok bye”replied Bob

This week for wrting we were learning how to use speech marks.What I have done here is went on a site called FakeIphonetext.I made a conversation so that i can use it to add speech marks.The next thing I did was wrote the same conversation but added speech marks.What I learnt the most was to always keep the punctuation in the speech marks.

Key into Evaluation

Key into Evaluation
Level One Set T3

Evaluation requires the skills or reorganisation and inference.  Answers must come from the information in the story. Look for keywords. Consider the writer’s intent.

Mum’s Miracle

What is a miracle?  A miracle is when something happens that you would never have thought could happen in a million years.  There seems to be no explanation for it either.

We lived in the country when I was growing up.  My brother wandered off late one afternoon and got lost in the hills behind our place.  We were desperate to find him. The family and the neighbours went out, looking and calling his name.  It was my mother that found him. She just walked around a tree and there he was, looking at a huge wild boar that was coming straight at him.

She can’t remember flying at the boar and kicking it under the jaw.  She knows it stopped in its tracks. She remembers tucking Jared under her arm and running back to safety with him.  Those who were close behind, saw the boar. They said it was one of the biggest they’d ever seen and they looked at my mother with great respect after that day.  She could never say how she did what she did or even how she thought of it. When one of the neighbours caught the boar later in the year, she took one look at it and fainted clean away.

Some people say that a butterfly coming out of a cocoon is a miracle, but I think that if you can explain it, or if it happens a lot, then it’s not.

a.  What was the miracle in this story?
They found Jared

b.  Why do you think they were desperate to find Jared?
So that it doesn't get dark and he gets more lost

c.  Why was the writer’s mother looked at with great respect?

d.  Why did my mother ‘faint clean away’ when she saw the boar?It was coming toward her and Jared

Reaction question:

Would you have done what Jared’s mother did?  Why do you say that?Yes because I would faint as well.

Create activity:

Evaluation requires the skills or reorganization and inference. Answers must come from the information in the story. Look for keywords. Consider the writer’s intent.This week the text for Key into evaluation was Mums Mricacle. This text is about a lady and kids and they have a mricale one day.

Friday, 18 May 2018

Life Education Trust

Image result for life education trust nz
This week each class have had there first session of being in the Life Education Van.A big thank you to Nicole for helping us learn about the body systems.Nicole has taught us some body parts and body systems.For example the skeletal systems.The Skeletal systems is basically a skeleton or bones.We even got to meet Harold it was sad because Harold was crying because he won't see the year 8's any more.

Tech Reflections

This week for tech I have finish what I need to do was get Mr Grundy to polish it.I have made a mickey mouse.This is for a friend.To make this you would first need wood and trace a pattern on it then you would need to cut it our with the scroll saw machine then you need pewter metal to pour in the mould. Then you would let it cool down next you need to cut off the extra piece so you can file it.Once you have filed it you need to use sand paper to make it smooth.I have done that so the next thing we do is wet sand.After wet sanding I got Mr Grundy to put brasso so that it is shiney.


Today I made a DLO about Metaphor.What is a Metaphor?A metaphor is describing or comparing people or objects without using the words like or as.Exsample:The wind is a roaring tiger, The sun is a golden ball,The Classroom was a messy bin.

Thursday, 17 May 2018

Rippa Rugby

This week for KiwiSport we had Hamish. He was teaching us how to play Rippa Rugby.The frist thing we did was we went into three groups then we vs all the groups and see who wins.We did this first so Hamish could see what we could do.I think I did great but I should work on catching the ball.The next thing we did was we had to pass the ball to each other and see if we can pass it fast so when the ball comes back to the person who had it the team would win.

Kiwi Can

Today we went to Kiwi Can.Our instructed Mrs Lilly and Mr Matt.Our topic for this teams is Integrity and our theme was Making good choices. We had to give ideas to what we would make as a good choice.The energizers that we played was called protect the Jedi. In this game we had to make sure the balls that were thrown form the other team dose not hit the Jedi because if it dose we lose. A way to solve a problem is to get a teacher or ignore because you might make it worse if you put it in your own hands.The next Game we played was called opposite what ever Mrs lilly did we had to do the same but opposite.

Tuesday, 15 May 2018

Word Cline

This week for poetry I made a DLO that is a word cline. I chose the word sad.Then I had to make the words powerful that are related to the word sad.Juxtaposition means opposite thing put side to side to create an effect.Word cline means picking a word and making the word more powerful and powerful as you write them up.

Winter and Summer Poem

Waking up I felt Despondent.I dragged my feet to the bathroom.My plate of
tosats was black.I looked at the trees being still and light and birds hugging tight.
The people were doleful because there were no laughter in sight.
I went to the kitchen sloping my feet on the marbled floor.
I felt gloomy and then I went outside to get ready to walk
to school as the sky was dismal and grimy.

Waking up the next morning I felt Jubilant. I scatter my feet to the bathroom.My plate of toast shined heavenly colours.I looked at the trees dancing and swaying and the bird flying free and light.The people were joyful and laughter was received.I dashed through the hallway to the kitchen.I felt Happy and excited to get to school.Outside look pretty and the flowers were dazling.As I got ready to go to school the sky was colourful and the sun was shining upon my ecstatic face.

This week for poetry I have write a poem for waking up in the morning on a winter and summer.First we read a poem about waking up when a person fells sick and when a person feels well.Next we listed words that mean sad that was form the poem and then we did the same but for good.Juxtaposition means opsite things that make an effect.

Monday, 14 May 2018

Comparing NZ Flags

This week for reading I am learning about Key into Evaluation.I had two activity one was the story and the other was a Dlo. The one i have finish was a Dlo. What I had done here was found the NZ naval flag and compared how is it different from the NZ flag and same?I also found what the coat of arms for Auckland, what does the design mean?

Key into Evaluation

Key into Evaluation
Level One Set T2

Evaluation requires the skills or reorganisation and inference.  
Answers must come from the information in the story.
Look for keywords. Consider the writer’s intent.

The Flagman

The man who lives across the road from me has a flagpole in his front yard.  
He has lots of different flags, I always look to see which one is flying.

He has one with a bright yellow sun on it and he puts it up on hot summer days.  
He put it up on a dark day in the middle of winter a couple of years ago.
It didn’t make me feel any different and he hasn’t done it again.  
Some of his flags advertise things, some have pictures like the one with the sun,
and some are just designs. He loves them all.

He’s not a young man, and he tripped one day, stumbled
forward and fell against the wall of his house.  
The next thing I knew, he had his arm in plaster and in a sling.
The day after that I was surprised to see that his flag
was not at the top of the flagpole.  Flying a flag low means someone has died.
I asked him who it was. It was his turn to be surprised - he didn’t know what
I was talking about.

I pointed up at the flag.  He seemed quite upset
. He undid the rope and awkwardly tugged on it, to raise the flag higher.
 I took a step forward and tugged it with him. It went to the top and he
fastened the rope firmly at the bottom of the pole.

a.  Who is the first up in the morning, the man across the road or the writer?
 Why do you say that?
It think it is the man across the road because he puts up the flag.I say this because
is always puts up the flag in the morning

b.  Why do you think he flew the flag with the sun on it in the middle of winter?
So that it can remind people that the day would be good.

c.  Had someone died?  Why do you say that?No.
I say no because that text says that he didn’t know that  his flag was like that.

d.  Why did the writer help the man raise the flag higher?
Because no one passed away.

Reaction question:

This week for reading I did and activity called Key into evaluation.What i have done is read a text this text is about an old man,writer and flags.Its when each morning a man across the writers house puts up his flags.But one day he dosent.The next thing we do after we have read the text we have to answer the qestouins then we have to create a Dlo realating to this story.Evaluation requires the skills or reorganisation and inference. Answers must come from the information in the story. Look for keywords. Consider the writer’s intent.

Friday, 11 May 2018

Samoa Body Parts

This week for inquiry we had to make a picture of our selves and then label it on how to say it in our culture.This was a little hard because I couldn't tell what it meant in Samoan. I have drawled myself in school uniform and also used lines to what it means.The language I have used is Samoan.

Thursday, 10 May 2018

Lovely Person

Nice Work

List 5 Words that also mean Nice:
  • Kind
  • Pleasant
  • Enjoyable
  • Helpful
  • Polite

The Choices is As long as a string-What literary devices
have been used?An expression or an unknown size of string

What Is the Joke on the last line?
The joke is not to use the word nice but the kids have


Never Use the word Lovely our teacher said.
It doesn't Mean a thing!
Try… adorable,nice,sweet,
Pleasant,lovesome and enchanting
The choice is as long as a string
But please never use the word Lovely,
It just doesn't mean a thing

(She’s Lovely our teacher)

This week for writing we have been working on writing poems using synonyms. What I have done is Chosen a word to write my poem. My poem is about not saying the word lovely. In my poem I added synonyms that mean the same word as Lovely. At the end of my Poem I have added some ryhming words that sound like Lovely

E-ako Maths

This week for Math I have done E-ako maths.I have been learning basic facts.For this question it says that The mother of one of Eva's classmates works in a factory that makes soap.The factory is giving the damaged bars of soap to Eva's class to package and sell for their fundraiser.What I had to do was Drag into place the kinds of soap that they will put into packets and sell.

Living Things

This Week for Inqriy we learnt about Mrs Gren.Seven Life Processes in order to count as being alive.The Acronym MRS GREN helps us remember what these are MRS GREN stands for movement,respiration,sensitivity,growth,reproduction,excretion and nutrition.These processes or systems needed for survival.Did you know that Respiration means to breathe.Some things can breathe like people,animals and insects.Some things can’t breathe like a chair,table,balloon.Ballon does have air but it doesn't have air already but you give it to the ballon.Human use lungs to breathe.

Kiwi Can

This week we went to Kiwi Can.Our topic was Making Good choices.The first thing we did was a energizer what we did was we where on 4 teams and the people that are in the circles have to cath the ball but the team mates have to pass it to him and they can't move with the ball.The next thing we did was we talked about the bad things people have done and what to do to slove this.Then the last thing we did was GKQ.In this a person would start then Mrs Lilly or Mr Matt will tell us a qestion if the person staning did not answer the qestion then the person that was sitting down has to stand up and see if they can verse the other people.


This week for Maori I created a google persention about singers and saying who they were in moari.In this it tells who the singers I chose and how to say who is it.I have learnt how to speak a little bit of maori.One of the people I chose was Celine Dion.We first splited into our Kiwi Can groups.I also learnt how to say good after noon in Maori.

What are Homonym?

This week for Poetry I have Created a DLO that explains what homonyms are with examples that will help others strengthen their connection to this learning.Did you know that Homonyms means Two words that spelt the same but has different meaning.For example Land is a place and Land is also landing on you bottom.

Wednesday, 9 May 2018

How to Prevent an Attack By a Cow When Hiking

This week for Reading I was making a DLO about How to Prevent an Attack By a Cow When Hiking.What I have done is wrote 3 ways to avoid a cow and why it is important to follow it.The reson why you should follow this becuase if you run it will chase after you.I have learnt that adult cows weght over 1,000 pound or more I also learnt that cows can grow up to 22 years old

Thursday, 3 May 2018

The Unfinished Drink

This week we learnt how La tour Mollet d'auvergne.I learnt that Private Ted d’Auvergne got on a train at 7.20am.He left his beer at Waihao Forks bar, but never returned to drink the bottle. Did you know that he died when he was 35 and his mom is Lillana. Did you know that he saved a women form drowning.


This week on Thursday some of the year 7/8 went to the hall fro roller skating.This is a photo of me trying to roller skate.The hardest part was balance because I kept leaning back and I fell.Our instructor are Puna and Mr Oglive.They told us how to put and take of the roller skates and how to balance what we had to do was we had to put our hands on our knees.We also got vip card for a free lesson on how to roller skate.

Wednesday, 2 May 2018

Place Vaule

This week for Math I learn how to times big numbers what I have done here is first I have read a Qestion that Mrs Anderson gave the class it was Mrs Speight ordered 9 boxes of crayons.Each box of crayons contains 72 crayons.The Next thing I did was I went on a template and then filled it in draw was to draw the number in shapes,Explain was to talk on what to do it write it was to write a problem and prove it was to slove it.

Tuesday, 1 May 2018

StoryBoard That

This Week for Inquiry I learnt a story.First Mr Anderson Read us a Story about Tane Mauat,Gods and Hineahuone.The second Activity was we used different symbols to retell the story.The Third Activity we did was we went on a site called StoryBoard What we did was we first picked a part  of the story and  created the story by using the site for example I used the charters for the Gods.For these activity I worked with Avalon.

Spare Reading

Today I went on Tamaki library to pick a book to read I chose was Pray for a Fire Drill.This book is about a boy named Nate he really likes a girl of his dreams but a boy Nate T.J ttajes her away form him.I really like this book because it is a Comic and because how the different way Nate solve his problem.If I had to rate this I would give it a 10/10.


This week for reading we did an activity what we did was we had different slides that we had to make and then talk about each topic like peritext.Peritext means something that is on the book but is not related to the topic of the book for example there is a sticker now that is just about the book winning a award.I was working with Avalon.The book that Mr Kirkpatrick was reading was Memorial it was about a boy and his Great grandpa,Grandpa,Father and Great grandma the were all in wars.Click here for the full persnttaion-