Sunday, 20 January 2019

Day 4 - Activity 2 - The Seven Sisters - Week 3

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This week I needed to talk about a story called the The Seven Sisters.The 7 sisters names are Waita , Waiti , Waipuna - a -rangi ,Ururangi,Tupu - a - nuku .This sotry is about when Mitai's seven handsome brothers are being tricked by women who were buetfuil they all marreid each one and got treated like a slaved from the women Matai saved them.

Day 4 - Activity 1 - The Southern Lights - Week 3

This week I needed to use the word ‘LIGHTS’ to write an acrostic poem about the Southern Lights. I thought about what related to the word Lights. This was for the people who loved to visit the southern Lights also known as northern lights. I really like the color in this picture because it blends well.

Lights in the sky
In the spotlight
Gasing upon the stars
Hundreds of stars
The brightest star
Shooting star

Day 3 - Activity 3 - Wind Beneath My Wings - Week 3

This week I needed to created a DLO about an animal of my choice. I needed to go on a site to pick an animal I picked an Eagle. Here is my DLO I have added pictures and some facts. What I found interesting was that they could live up to 20 years most birds live up to 18 and down.

Day 3 - Activity 2 - Flying Foxes - Week 3

This week I needed to tell what superpower I wanted and why. I want to be able to fly because it looks really fun and because I would like to do the same thing as superwomen. Battle people. Save the world. It would be amazing. I got inspired by her and immediately want to have the power to fly. What power do you want to have ?

Day 3 - Activity 1 - Bird of the Year - Week 3

This week I needed to write a short description of a brid. I needed to talk about Where it lived and it eats. Here is a DLO with information about a bird I chose the bird I chose was a Tui. I have added some pictures and attributed them. My favorite thing about tuis is the color of themselves. Did you know that Tuis have 2 voice boxes.

Day 2 - Activity 3 - Flying Fungi - Week 3

This week I needed to solve a tricky maths problem.Let’s imagine that we tested the air in your classroom and found 7 different kinds of mould.The cleaner says that it takes 5 days for each mould to be eradicated (removed). If the school had to remove each mould one at a time, how long would it take to remove all the mould from the classroom? What I did to slove this was times 7 and 5 whiched equally 35.

Day 2 - Activity 2 - Carbon Sinks Don’t Stink! - Week 3

  1. Cabage
  2. Cucumber
  3. Capsicum
  4. Caroots
  5. Kiwi fruit

This week I needed to list all of the foods that I would put in my draining sink. Most of the food I have listed is what I don't like. I don't like vegetables becuase they taste yuck. What food would you put in you draining sink.

Tuesday, 15 January 2019

Day 2 - Activity 1 - Bee Informed - Week 3

  • The word ‘bumblebee’ is a compound word (bumble + bee). The word ‘bumble’ means to move or act in a awkward way.
  • Bumblebees can fly very quickly. They can reach ground speeds of 15 kilometres per hour (km/h).

  • Bumblebees can do more work and carry more pollen than other bees, including honeybees. In fact, they can do up to 50 times as much work as a normal honeybee.
  • The number of bumblebees is declining in New Zealand due to a number of factors, including the removal of wildflowers and flowering tress

This week I needed to type all five sentences and then fill in the blanks for each one. This was all about bees this was hard and interesting as I got to learn different facts about bees. What is something you don't like about bees. One thing is that they can sting you.

Friday, 11 January 2019

Day 1 - Activity 3 - Burning Up… - Week 3

This week I needed to create a graph showing each temperature is different cites. I found out that Dasht-E Loot was the hottest cities out of  the other 4. The least hottest was Dallol with 40 degrees.

Wednesday, 9 January 2019

Day 1 - Activity 2 - You are my Sunshine - Week 3

This week  needed to list five different things that we can do to protect people from the sun this summer!The first thing is that they could put on sunscreen,They could were sunglasses,Were a hat,were covered clothes and try to stay in the shade. Staying the sun to long can lead to skin cancer. Stay Sun Smart Kids!

Day 1 - Activity 1 - Togs or Trackies - Week 3

This year I needed to think about what time of year you think is best for tourists for come and visit and list three things what they could do in New Zealand. I think they should come in the summer times because the activity are cool. You could go to Waitematā Harbour to sail on the water. You could vist the sky tower and learn about it self and other towers. You could go to the museum to learn about New Zealand history.

Day 5 - Activity 3 - Faded Glory - Week 2

This week I needed to list three different ideas or strategies for raising funds to preserve the Great Barrier Reef. We could get people to donated money. We could get people to make Barrier reef and touring site and get them to pay or we could asked the government for money.

Day 5 - Activity 2 - The Black Drain - Week 2

Name:Tarawera River
Location: Located in the Bay of Plenty
Progress: They have had meetings with the different Parliament group people have been chosin over 25 or 35 years of consent on Tarawera river

Name:Wairua River

Location: Located in the North Island
Progress: There is a group to is trying to save Wairua river.

This week I needed to research the different polluted rivers in New Zealand. I needed to find too.  also needed to include the names of the rivers,The location of the rivers and What is being done to clean up the rivers (if anything).

Day 5 - Activity 1- Off the Menu - Week 2

This week I needed to think about a rule and why I think that. Is it fair that people are charged up to $100 000 for overfishing? I think no because that is alot of money charing people they should at least drop the price or band fishing.I think that people should only take about 1-4 amount of fish because we still needed our see creates to live.