Friday, 19 October 2018


This week for writing we were creating a Poem about our holiday. This is my poem about my holiday. We also had to include the season. The season that is in my poem is winter. Something that I found hard writing my poem was the verbs that I could use. My favorite part about my poem is the part about the trampoline. After I wrote my poem I needed to add an illustration.


Image result for baymax phone stand
Image result for baymax phone stand
Image result for minnie mouse ring pop
This week for tech we were planing a design for our phone stands. I think this design will support my phone because there is a strong support on the bottom and on the top. The 2 top designs I want to do is a sliver Minnie mouse ring pop or bay-max. I chooses these because it looked cute and I think that the designs was creative.

Kiwi Can

Image result for kiwican
This week for Kiwi can we were learning about Respect for our school. What we did first was talked about some rules that we have at school. We next talked about why we have rules. I think that it is important to have school rules because they help us be safe and this also help us when we get older and move on to college or university. We next talked about what our care values were and what they meant. We have Confidence,Attitude,Respect,Excellence and Innovation. Confidence means to be confident in your learning. Attitude means to  have a positive attitude to teachers. Respect means to respect people around you as well as teachers. Excellence mean to show good effort in your learning and Innovation means to think of new ways to Innovate our learning.

Thursday, 18 October 2018

National ShakeOut

This week me and Avalon were working together on our National Shake Out day DLO. The first sidle talks about the Christchurch Earthquake that happened in 2011 Avalon worked on this and she learnt a lot of sad things that happened and what could happen if there was a Earthquake she added in images of some buildings that got destroyed. Our next sidle talks about the Napier Earthquake that I did this sidle I talked about how many people were killed in the Earthquake and I added in some images. The next sidle tells you some facts about the Earthquakes that happened in Napier and Christchurch. Our last sidle tells you how you can be safe when a Earthquake happens there are only 3 steps they are Drop,Cover,Hold. Those are the basic things you could do if a Earthquake happens. If you want more information than got to a website called Shake Out. l enjoyed learning about this because now l know how to stay safe when a Earthquake happens.

Tuesday, 16 October 2018

Basic Facts boxes

Addition box 1
Addition box 2
Addition box 3
Addition box 4
Addition box 5
Addition box 6
Addition box 7
Addition box 8
Addition box 9
Addition box 10

This week for maths we are learning to answer questions in 15 minutes. This is an examples of my work that I have done today. I have picked 20. I think I need to work on not using my hands and use more strategy I know to solve these questions. I think I can work more on 20's and then work my way up to 100