Thursday, 31 March 2016

My Easter holiday recount.

On Sunday i went to church and what we had to do was dance  and do a play we went last when church was finished we went home then we had to go  and buy food me and my brother Aj had McDonald while my my two brother,mum and dad had a plate full of food like chicken.After that we had to go to the hospitals because my brother had chicken pox so we went to the city to the emergency we when to the children one the doctor looked at him and gave my mum a form to fill in the details we waiter and waiter we felt tired then the doctor came and turned on the TV it had movies so me and Aj watched TV i went to my car to get food i told my dad to come and he did we went inside and then saw lots of people we went to the room that my mum was in the doctor came and gave the from of Aj's cream for his face and bum.The we had to go home we had to drive for a very long time when we got home we watched a movie called Percy Jackson.

MY Easter holiday plan

Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Reconut on makeing chocolate Easter eggs

Today in LS1 we made chocolate Easter eggs. I was very excited and happy that we were making chocolate. We were split into groups of 4, then waited for our chocolate buttons and hot water. Each group was given a saucepan and a plate. Miss Paton went around each group and poured chocolate melts on our plates. My group wanted to just eat the chocolate buttons instead of Easter eggs. Then, Miss Paton poured boiling water into our sauce pans. Then we started mixing. Each of us had a turn in our group. We watched the chocolate buttons melt into a thick mixture. Then we took a plastic molds and poured our chocolate in. Then we tapped the plastic mold to make sure it was even. After that, we went to the hall kitchen and set our Easter eggs in the fridge overnight.

Group B photo story.

Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Acrostic Poem Template

Makeing easter egg

Ingredients: Chocolate Buttons and Boiling Water
tools:  Pot, Spoon, Butter Knife, Plate, Kettle and Chocolate Molds.
1.Boil the water in the kettle  and wait for it to be done.
2.Pour the Boiling  into the Pot.
3. Put the Plate on top of the Pot.
4. Put Chocolate Buttons on top of the Plate.
5. Stir the Chocolate Buttons with a Spoon and a Butter Knife.
6. Keep on Stirring till its welled Stirred.
7. Pour all of your Chocolate into The Chocolate Molds.

8. Put the Chocolate Molds into the Fridge over night.


There was an unusual school. The school name was .  There were three kids named  Lucy, Casey and Lisa. They were best friends. one day all of the best friends came to school. They were on their phones. The principal of the school was named Max. He saw the girls on their phones. He then took their  phones and locked them up in the basement. Then the girls found a place. They took all the web’s and then it was an elevator then  casey  pressed  the number two then it went up the door open.

Then they went inside and they  saw the mighty kids that use to come to the school. The clothes were just there then lucy wanted to wear them but Casey said it was a bad idea then lisa said to just use lucy idea. Lucy was happy. The clothes came it was coming forward  then they went but they had to use the elevator the door open  then they started to fight  to get back their phones. It was hard they  were  tried then while they called max was fighting there was a smell it wanted max to go to the to get the most wanted the most coolest and the most powerful the powerful vested cota  there was just one
Problem the vested could turn the kids in to max slave and the girl’s  did not want that to happen.Then lucy had to fly but
Then they made a deal with max because they saw the kids work and they  max made the kids so they wanted lucy to fight max casiy and lisa were sacred  they could go and  that lucy might get hurt she tried and tried but she  could not she was hurt a lot in the eye,head,leg,arms,neck and back she was hurt

Then casey and lisa  went and they took all the gear of max and then he was a man the kids were not slaves they were kids and then the girls went to the kids  room and changed then they went home and ate pizza  the girls  went home.

Monday, 21 March 2016

Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Angela narrative burger

today i had to fill in the narrative burger that was sent to me by my teaches miss pay ton i have tried and hoped i get to do this agin

Thursday, 10 March 2016

Ofa, Aiden, Angela, Liam KWL chart for Lions

today I finished of My KWL Chart.The K stands for What I Know The W stands for What I Want to learn and the L is what I learnt. What I did was I had to get all my knowledge and right down What I know about Lions without any online sites. Next I had to write down what I want to learn about lions. Soon after that I had to read the book about lion and write down What I learnt about lions in the book.I learnt that lions only eat meat.

Basic Addition 2

today i played my basic facts on transum it was on level 2 it was great and i got them all right

Friday, 4 March 2016

science planing house

Today i had to do my science planing house we had to explain what it was like it was fun and i was looking forward to doing more science.

Thursday, 3 March 2016

retelling the 3 pigs and red riding hood

today i had to retell a 2 sotry called little red riding and the there little pigs