Tuesday, 31 July 2018

Facts about Romans

This week we read a text called Romans Rues we needed to read the whole story. The sotry is about a boy named Julius he is going to see his first game. He is now at the Colosseum. A Colosseum is like a stadium were people fight or play. On this DLO I have found some facts about there life stye and what happen years ago. I learnt that On of the Famous Roman Building is a Colosseum.A Colosseum has 5 levels and 76 gates and In the olden day at rome the roman people could only Tunic for men and fro women stola

Friday, 27 July 2018

Army Soilders

This week I was Creating a DLO about What Career I would like to do when I get older. I chose the Army Soldier. Then we needed to create a DLO about our career that we have chosen. This DLO Includes Image that has an attribution, description of Career, earning potential, training needed, subject need to choose at college for the career and an explanation why this career is my interest. I was Suprised that to be apart of the Army you don't need a degree or qualification. I think this will be a good job because of the money that you get paid and the job helps the world be a safer place.


This week for Careers we were on a site called CareerQuest. We needed to answer some questions to see what Careers might be suggested.The options were to say Very Interested,Fairly Interested,Netrul and Not Interested.The Job that they Suggested was Police Officer,Air Force Airwomen/Airman and more.I really liked how they got the Police Officer because its a career I wanted to choose and become.

Thursday, 26 July 2018

Kiwi Can

This week we had Kiwi Can.We are learning about Goal Setting and why it is important. The fist thing we did was an activity. The activity was called Horse and Jockeys. First we needed to find a partner and then get in a circle so one person go in front and the other in the back if she said banana then they swap place. If Miss Lily says horse then we start to walk around the circle but if she says Jokey then we needed to run back to our partner. After that we went on the mat and talked about why Goal Setting is a good thing. Goal Setting is good because it help you motivate yourself. Next we played and game that we needed to get into a group of six and then try and get your hop in the cone I was group four unfortunately we got no points but we tried.


This week we had HITT. The exerciser we worked on was Star Jumps,Tap Steps and High Knees.We were trying to get our heart up and pumping and also going into the red section. Mataio and Tiava were helping and teaching us some warm up moves.We even got some music to motivate us. The got into lines of 5 to do this so we had more space.I think this was one of my best sessions of HITT because I really into the style of the exercise.

Wednesday, 25 July 2018

Algorithm Strategy

This week I was Creating s DLO that Explains why we needed to carry the tens In the hundreds Coloum. This DLO gives you a word problem,How to solve it. I think I have done a great but I think I needed to improve by adding faster.I have now learnt a fast and easy way to solve 1,2,3 and more digital numbers.I have also done so other questions using this Strategy on my math book.

Tuesday, 24 July 2018

How to Fish

How To Fish
  • Bait

  • Net

  • Gaffa

  • Trap

  • Fishing rod

  • Bucket


  1. Tie your hook on your line

  2. Add bait on your line

  3. Cast your line

  4. Wait

  5. Pull the fish by pulling the rod up and spinning the rob handel to pull the fish up form the water.

  6. Bring the fish in your net and then travel the net to the bucket

This week I made a Procedural on how to fish. This activity was formed by Key Into Evaluation. The Key Into Evaluation story was about a grandfather talking about when we went to go fishing for eels. After we read the story we then answer the questions next we went to google docs to create a Procedural on how to fish. I wrote the Tools you need and how to do it.

Facts about Vikings

This week I was Making a DLO about Vikings I have included what they were and some facts. Facts:
They use Salt to keep there food from rottening and Smelling.
Most Viking are from the three countires of Scandinavia the three counties are Denmark,Norway and Sweden. Raiders means a person,group or tribe attack there enemy in theri terrytori. The name Vikings comes from a language called Old Nose Vikings also means pairate raid

Who Wants to be a Mathionaire - Multiplication Quiz

This week for maths I was learning how to play a game called Who Wants to be a Mathionaire - Multiplication Quiz.I needed to answer the different questions to win money.The questions were mostly Multiplication.Sadly I left with only 32,00 but I think I tried my hardest.

Thursday, 5 July 2018

Maths Kahoot

This week we have formulated a Maths Kahoot. The aim was to get the most ticks to get the most ticks you will need to be one of the top three. Group two included decimals,Subtraction, Times table and more. Group two has procured 2 tick and in the lead in Group 11 with 3.Here is a photo of Group 2 testing the questions.

Pros and Cons

This week we Collaborated as a class and groups to estimate what we think we could live in a lighthouse that is good and what is bad to live in a lighthouse. Group 2 observed and researched mostly about the bad we discovered waste problems and also bad weather.LS2 all went to the mat to talk to Mr. Johnston on what we discovered. Lots of people had surpassing ideas.On the board we have had our ideas.

Lighthouse for Sale

This week I was Creating a DLO around Lighthouses. This Challenge was established by Mr. Johnston. What I have done is added Location, Cost, When completed, Name, Why I would live here and why you should remain here. The Lighthouse I have accumulated is called Minneapolis Shoal Light. It is within USA, Escanaba Michigan.


This week we were finding out about the amazing photo that Jean Guichard took.The photo was about a tragic Storm that was hitting on the Lighthouse in France near Brittany.The story was that a Photographer named Jean Guichard was taking photos of a lighthouse that was in danger. The owner Théodore Malgorne was frightened. The Lighthouse was still standing, off the north-western coast of France, near Brittany. Théodore Malgorne was delighted that the helicopter was there but Jean Guichard was there taking photos of the dramatic action going on. In 1990, Jean Guichard won second prize form World Press for his photograph. Now it is all over the Online.

ASB Getwise

This week we have been learning to save money. For the first activity we Objective to earn entertainment points by thinking carefully about how you spend your available budget. Groups negotiate how their $ is spent. Jaden was talking to us about what is a budget and about a credit card. I was Crobrating with Ofa, Fraidon, Tiava,Avalon,Magenta,Jeremiah and Corre.

Credit card
Passport $100 (0)

Flights $300
economy (3)
$500 business

budget $200 (2)
$600 beachside
view (8)

Insurance  $0 (0)
no insurance
$200 (0)

Food $100 (1)
$200 (4)
$400 (10)

Shopping $100 (2)
$200 (5)
$300 (9)

Activities $100 (3)
$300 (7)
$500 (16)

Money left:

Team 1 $100 - $500
Team 2 $100        31
Team 3 $300        31 (used and paid for credit card)
Team 4 $0            35 = winners who stayed most under budget
Team 5 $100       24

Dice roll to determine hospital fees

Team 1 $600 - no insurance in debt $500 out of game
Team 5 $600 - insurance

Save some, spend some, share some

Wednesday, 4 July 2018

P.B.S Matariki Celebration

This week we went to the Juniors area to see the different performances of the Matariki celebration. The Pacifica, Kapahaka,Ukelele, and Drumming perform. The Pacifica was swaying there hips. The Kapahaka group were singing songs and the boys were doing a haka. The Ukelele played a song called Lean on me and the Drumming group made a mash-up. Thank you to all the people that help teach the P.B.S students on how to dance and play and a Big thank you to Mrs. Whea Odie for donating the sausages that we received.Every enjoyed the sausages and also had a great time watching the performances.

Chicago Sports Team

This week we created a Persetaion about the Chicago sports team.I was working on White Sox.The name of the Stadium that White Sox plays in is called Guaranteed Rate Field.They have had 3 World Series championships.The White Sox are known as the Chicago Baseball team.Facts:The White Sox were the first team to put players’ last names on jerseys in 1960,The White Sox played the University of Illinois in their first ever game and The White Sox were originally known as the White Stockings.

What is Matariki?

This week LS1 and LS2 Collaborated to create DLO about Matariki.We inculced What is Matariki,The stars name,How is it celebrated and facts.Matariki is a Maori New year.Its when they celebrate the People,Language,Culture and History.They have a big kai to celebrate. Did you know that matariki is the maori word for cluster of stars .Matariki is celebrated when family members come together to embrace the history of our family's whakapapa ( ancestors) on Matariki. Schools celebrate it by musics,dances and kai. Matariki is a sign of a new beginning and is known as the Maori new year