Friday, 11 January 2019

Day 1 - Activity 3 - Burning Up… - Week 3

This week I needed to create a graph showing each temperature is different cites. I found out that Dasht-E Loot was the hottest cities out of  the other 4. The least hottest was Dallol with 40 degrees.


  1. Hello Angela! Great work on this activity. You are getting up to finishing the whole programme which I am happy to see from you. I like how you also said what you found out from doing this. Do you think you will get up to commenting? Keep it up!

  2. Kia Ora Angela,
    It's awesome that you have been participating in the SLJ programme.I'm glad that you made a graph of the hottest temperatures of the places. Which place would you go to?
    Fantastic Work!

  3. Greetings Angela,
    I have decided to comment on your blog again. I have done 120 comments and I am going to keep on going. You have being working very hard and I hope it continues.

    Keep it up Angela!
    By Chavda

  4. Kia Ora Angela,

    That is one hot chart! I wouldn't want to be in any of those places right now..the rain has finally come here in Auckland and it makes a nice cool change to the heat we've been having.

    How did you find the info on these places? Good work!

    Enjoying your blog, talk to you soon

    - Lee