Monday, 27 November 2017

Maths Questions

This week Mr oglives group had to make Questions to slove. What we did first was pick our questions then we had to put up pictures so it can explain or help the reader solve the question.Each box had to be a Addition,Subtraction,Multiplication and Fraction questions.We could also use some materials to help us make it.


  1. Hello Angela
    Is this the answers
    i have also done this to.for your 1st 36 fo your next 12 and the thired then 50
    and last one 104.
    nice work.

  2. Hi Angela
    l think l have the answer's to the questions this was a fun and cool maths task to do.
    l Think the first one is 36 and your next one is 12 and the thired one 50 and last of all 104.
    Those were my answer's to the question on your task.
    Great work and keep it up.