Friday, 23 February 2018

Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year

How is Chinese New Year celebrated?
Wow what a day for chinese New. year .Yes I know Chinese New year is today.Today I will talk about how it is celebrated in China and all over the country.

In there house they but up banners with red and gold.This means the red will scare away the evil spirit.After they decorate they wear special clothes which are called Qipao and Haunfu.A Qipao is a type of chinese dress and a Hanfu is like a dress but with long sleeves and is for men and also women.

After they decorate and get dressed the town's decorate with lanterns.They have food to celebrate.They mostly have Shrimp,Noodle and Ego.Ego means wealth to a coming year it also looks like gold.Noodle means heath for a longlife and Shrimp mean Happiness because the word is similar to smile.

As part of the festive red envelopes are handed to Children and to unmarried couples.Inside it has money.Then after so much food and playing around they lit up lanterns.Lanterns come in different shapes and sizes.Some float on water and some fly in the sky.They do this because it can make them remember the people that have past away.

Well there you go this is how Chinese celebrate New year.Like i said before people form all over the world celebrate this too..They have a lot of things to do in this special day.They must be exhausted for all the celebrating and decorating for the special day.

I learnt how to write a explanation.I worked With Avalon.What we did was we talk about how people celebrate Chinese New year.We first wrote some ideas on what they do to celebrate .Then we talked about the things they do.What they do is they eat Noddle,Egg roll and Shrimp Noddle means long life,Egg roll means bar of gold and shrimp means happiness and the word is similar to smile.They also use lanterns to remember the lost people.


  1. Greetings Angela,

    I love that your explanation has many information to make your explanation even better. I can see that you have worked hard to finish off this task. You should work on making you blurbs prefect. But amazing work Angela!

  2. Hi Angela I really enjoyed reading your explanation. I like how you have included a rhetorical question to keep me thinking. But there were sentences that did not make any sense. You also had capital letters in the wrong place and etc. Can you please check your work properly. Other than that I like the the information you have included.