Thursday, 3 August 2017


Analysing a Print Advertisement:
What product or service is being advertised?
Who might be interested in the product or service? Who is it trying to attract? Young people? Old people?
People that like sending things
Is there a catchy phrase or slogan for the product? If so, what is it?
Yes-on time

What message is the advertisement trying to say about the product?
That they are the best at sifting

How does the language or image used grab the reader’s attention?
Because the trumpet can’t fit in the box.

How may the advertisement make the user feel?
Fell they want to get it.

fedex.jpg LI: To recognize and understand the purpose of advertising (persuasive) language features.I learnt What Analysing meant.I learnt it by doing this task.What i had to do was i had to get into 3 or 2 groups.I worked with Fau Fui and Florence.Then we had to answer all the question of the brand.The brands were FedEx,bose,socth,Monclors and earphone.

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