Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Passport to Earth

  1. (TS)  Which place on Earth are they going to?
  2. (AM) Why do they need a passport to go to Earth?
  3. (TS) Why do they want to go to earth?
  4. (RT)Who is the main charter?
  5. (AM)Why do you think they might be going to earth for
  6. (OM)Was the cat a female or a male
  7. (OM)What do they like on earth
  8. (RT)How did they get to planet earth
  9. (OM)What  sort of passport do they get
  10. (OM)Why did they get so much forms
  11. (RT)Who signed the form wrong
  12. (RT)What was the Family's Last Name
  13. (RT)Why did the cat have to go to the Quarantine.

   I learnt what QAR meant.I learnt this by doing this task.What i had to do was work with a partner i worked with charlize. What we then had to do was take turns reading a story.Then we had to think of the question about the book.And then we write what type of sentence is it.The types of sentence were.Right there (RT) Think and secrh (TS) Auothr and me 9(AM) and On my own (OM)

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