Monday, 11 September 2017


LI- Reflection, Rotation and Translation or Flip Slide Turn.I learnt about what Reflection,Rotation and Translation. They are the same as Flip,Slide and Turn.I learnt it by doing this task.What we had to do was we had to create a google slide or Draw to show how to Flip,Slide,Turn,Reflection,Rotation and Translation.What we had to do on the slide was have a pictuers of use doing a hand drawer of what we did on the second slide.Then we had to explain what R.R.T Meant.Reflction:Reflection is like taking a mirror and looking into to it.If you have something in your right hand in the mirror it will have you left hand holding something.It mean that it will be backwards.Rotation:Rotation is is turning a shape around.Is will change where it is but it will not change the shape.When it turns it moves to a different spot.Translation:Translation means to move or slide to the left or right without changing to size or width of the shape.

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