Wednesday, 12 September 2018

Bridge Design Evaluation

This week for Inquiry we are building bridges out of tooth picks. Fist we needed to get into groups then we needed to plan out who is en-charge of what,plan a design and the measurement. Avalon,Chavda and Joel were in my group. Avalon was the boss I was the Accountant Chavda was the secretary and Joel was the architect. The bridge that we were building was a truss bridge. Next we got a board and started to make the sides. We made two then we made the deck. We needed to keep count of the toothpicks because we needed to pay 72c for each sticks. I would like to give a huge thank you to Mr Anderson for Providing the Glue and toothpicks. We have designed a truss bridge that has been reinforced. We have used triangles on our bridge. The bridge deck spans 29 cm in length and is 6 cm wide. We choose a truss bridge because the triangles would make the bridge stronger. We have used 185 toothpicks. We also used extra toothpicks, to make our bridge stronger. We used PVA glue and a glue gun. It cost 5$ to use the glue gun. Altogether the cost was $138.80c.The deck worked really well but the the sides were bending. The bridge hold up to 1200g. We got 8/10 for the way our bridge looked. The tuck also fitted through the bridge. What we could work on Next time. Next time l think we could work on adding more triangles and more toothpicks under our bridge to make it more stronger. We could have double layered all of our toothpicks. We used rice to see if our bridge will hold or break. Our group placed 3rd overall. We think that we did great overall with our bridge.

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