Tuesday, 4 September 2018

Virtual Reality

For Inquiry we are learning about bridges. Today we worked with Yvonne and her research team from Augmented lab at Auckland University. What we needed to do first was find our name on 1 of the table that was set out. I was so excited because on my table I could see the Virtual Reality cardboard. What we needed to do first was go near the whiteboard then one of the people form Yvonne team told me that I needed to shut my right eye and read the words that was on top of the board and do the same but close my left eye. Then they wanted me to walk straight and then turn and walk straight back. Next we took some tests the test included some questions about the first Panmure bridge. We needed to do this in partners. My partner was Hajera. Next we looked at a video through the Virtual Reality Cardboard the video explained how the bridge was built. Next we looked at a Learning mission. What we needed to do was deliver an email and parcel we needed to cross the bridge. After Morning tea we got pizza and garlic bread I would like to give a hudge thank you to Yvonne and her research team for helping us and creating this project. This was so fun my favorite part was the Virtual Reality cardboard.

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