Friday, 2 November 2018

Kiwi Sport

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This week for Kiwi Sport we were learning about Boxing. Our Instructor/Coach was Pax she was boxing for about 3 years and teaches primary schools at year of 5 and up. What we did first was we went over some expectation and some of the key rules. The first Rule was Respect how can I show respect in Boxing. I can be Respectful by listening to the person speak and treat people how I want to be treated. The Second Rule was discipline. How can I show discipline in Boxing I show it by having a good behavior. The last Rule is Safety how can I show safety in Boxing. I can show safety by making sure I don't hit anyone and not swing my arms and hands. She also told us that if we were not following the rules you and the class had to do 1 burpe. Today for kiwisport was our first session of boxing.To warm up we played a warm up game. In this warm up we were to try and touch our partners shoulder or knee. If they got touched they were to do 1 burpie. After that we started wearing our gloves.The position that we stood in was called a rock. In this position we were to put one feet backwards and the other one at the front. After doing this we bent our knees. Then we placed our hands underneath our jaw. Next we started practicing how to jab and cross. A jab is when you box at someone roughly or quickly. A cross is when you jab the opposite side. This was a recap for people who missed last weeks session. Next we learn how to do a hook and a uppercut after we did this we put it all together. We also practices so movement

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