Friday, 2 March 2018

Pewter Casting

This year for tech we are doing Pewter casting.What we did first was we make a template then he had to print it.After printing we trace it on the piece of wood.Then cutter some peoples template and showed some other people how to do it so thy can do it by themselves.Before he checked some more of peoples work he then melted a pewter metal so when he finish cheaking it will be metaled.Then he get his mold and pours the mixture after that he dose other people because it is very very hot.This is a video that Mr Grundy made on how to make a necklace out to Pewter.Pewter Casting Video


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  2. Hi Angela,
    I like your tech blogpost. One thing I think you should chekc is you spelling and the order of your sentence. What was the hard part about making a Neckalace?.Good Job