Friday, 8 July 2016

Activity 1

Why i chose running because it's fun,it help me get more healthy and challenges kids to get up and give things a try i also like running because its is in the Olympic one of the runners that came first it called blot.


  1. Hi Angela,

    Welcome to the Winter Learning Journey! I am so glad to see that you have joined us for the holiday programme. That's awesome!

    I also really like it that you chose the sport of running. I, too, like running although I'm not very fast. I am more of a jogger than a runner, I think, but it is great exercise and it does help people to stay healthy and fit. Do you ever go for a run? What about the other people in your family? Are they interested in sport and activity?

    I hope that you are able to get out and participate in some fun sports/activities this holiday as well as spend time blogging with us. I am really looking forward to reading your next post!

    Until next time,


  2. Well Done Angela.I loved how you showed what yo would do and why:)