Monday, 18 December 2017

Summer Learning Journey Week one Activity two

I learnt how to write a letter.What i had to do was i had to write a letter about if i was on a waka.I had to write this letter to my friend.Then i had to tell them how it felt and how will i fell if i moved to a new country.

Hey Friend did you know that i had a great time when i was coming to new Zealand. It was a really wobbly boat just like jelly.We went past lots of island.At first i was existed but then when we got there i was a little scared but it was cool.

1 comment:

  1. Hey Angela,

    I love this letter you have written to your friend, it's really creative. Your simile, "it was a really wobbly boat just like jelly" is great! I agree with you, it would have been a time full of different emotions, especially nerves!

    Well done Angela, keep up the great work!

    Nicky :)