Monday, 18 December 2017

Summer Learning Journey Week one Activity Seven

What we had to do was we had to explain why we don't want lots of siblings. Why i don't want lots of siblings. I don't want lot of siblings because some can be harsh and some can be mean because our parents can be taking care of the little kids and because we might need to spend lots of monye for Food,Clothes and footwear.What we did next was we explain what will happen if we did have siblings.

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  1. Hello Angela!

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts! Absolutely, it can be very full on having so many siblings and such a big family! I noticed on your profile you said you have 3 brothers, that must be hard sometimes for you being the only girl! How do you find it?

    I only have 1 brother and we fought lots when we were kids but we get along really well now. I like having a small family, but I have a big extended family with lots of aunty's, uncles and cousins which is fun!

    Keep up the great blogging Angela!

    Nicky :)