Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Its Novel time

I learnt how to make a connection.What we had to do was pick a book.Then we had to make a copy on the slide and do the activities.The first one was Synthesis. What we had to do was predicate about what you think and why.The next was Vocabulary what you had to do was you had to pick new words from the book then write it on the slide.Next you have to find out what it means and make a video explain what the words mean.The next one is main ideas what you have to do for this one is you have to write some main idea about the story.For Summaries we had to pick out 20 and 6 words form the book then use those letter to make a text that talks a little bit about the story.The last one is Evaluate so what you do is talk about the story and add question you would ask the character or author.

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