Monday, 18 December 2017

Summer Learning Journey Week one Activity six

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What is my fav food.Mine is pasta.I like it because it sort of heathy.I like eating it with tuna.WHat we had to do was talk about our fav food.How to make pasta with tuna.What you do first is boil the pasta then but it in a big blow add tuna and some mayo.


  1. Hi Angela!

    That pasta looks so yum! I love pasta too, but I think my favourite food is sushi or a durum which is a Turkish food kind of like a kebab. It's really simple with deliciously flavoured chicken, tomato, lettuce and a few other things - it's so yummy! I had it when I was in Turkey and I miss it because you can't get them here in NZ!

    I might have to try pasta, tuna and mayo some time though!

    Nicky :)

  2. Hey Angela,
    Your favourite food looks delicious! What will happen if there were no pasta in the world,will you still find a way to try get pasta when you want it? Or will you eat something else? When I tried this I thought it was yumm too but sadly it isn't my fave food.When did Pasta start to be your fave meal?
    Tirohia koe i muri mai! (See you later)