Friday, 19 January 2018

Summer Learning Jounery Week 4 Activity 7

What i had to do is pick to people that i can make a team.I picked My Dad and My friends Avalon.I picked Avalon because we can have fun.I picked My dad because he is fun and smart and knows what is best.I think i will be good to the team so i can learn new things about teamwork and more.

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  1. Hey again Angela, thanks for sharing another activity and writing about who you would form a coalition with. It sounds like you've made an excellent choice teaming up with your dad as well as your friend, Avalon. You have identified some important qualities about Avalon and your dad and I think they will provide good balance in your coalition. Your work will be fun but also productive.

    What might happen if you three have a disagreement? Do you think you would fall out or be able to resolve the issue?

    Thanks, Billy