Friday, 19 January 2018

Summer Learning Jounery Week 4 Activity 10

What i had to do was Watch the trailer for Moana and then write a summary of the movie on your blog. If you’ve seen the movie, you can include your favourite part! Tell us as much as you can about the movie. What is it about? Who are the main characters in the movie? What do they do in the movie? Where do they go?.I seen this movie 4 times.This is about a girl and she needs to save her island from destruction.She needs to return the heart of te fiti but frist she needs maui to beat te ka.Once thy get there moana notice a sparil on te ka's heart so she puts the heart of te fiti in his heart then he stared to crumble and turn into te fiti.

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  1. Hey again Angela, wow I can't believe you've seen this movie four times! That's quite a lot. I've only seen it once but I did really enjoy it, I'd probably be keen to watch it again. I really liked how you learn a bit about the legends of Maui and then there's also really catchy songs and funny parts. The animation is pretty awesome as well. This movie has probably encouraged lots of people to travel to and visit the islands.

    Do you like the songs that they sing in this movie?

    Thanks, Billy