Tuesday, 15 May 2018

Winter and Summer Poem

Waking up I felt Despondent.I dragged my feet to the bathroom.My plate of
tosats was black.I looked at the trees being still and light and birds hugging tight.
The people were doleful because there were no laughter in sight.
I went to the kitchen sloping my feet on the marbled floor.
I felt gloomy and then I went outside to get ready to walk
to school as the sky was dismal and grimy.

Waking up the next morning I felt Jubilant. I scatter my feet to the bathroom.My plate of toast shined heavenly colours.I looked at the trees dancing and swaying and the bird flying free and light.The people were joyful and laughter was received.I dashed through the hallway to the kitchen.I felt Happy and excited to get to school.Outside look pretty and the flowers were dazling.As I got ready to go to school the sky was colourful and the sun was shining upon my ecstatic face.

This week for poetry I have write a poem for waking up in the morning on a winter and summer.First we read a poem about waking up when a person fells sick and when a person feels well.Next we listed words that mean sad that was form the poem and then we did the same but for good.Juxtaposition means opsite things that make an effect.

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