Friday, 18 May 2018

Tech Reflections

This week for tech I have finish what I need to do was get Mr Grundy to polish it.I have made a mickey mouse.This is for a friend.To make this you would first need wood and trace a pattern on it then you would need to cut it our with the scroll saw machine then you need pewter metal to pour in the mould. Then you would let it cool down next you need to cut off the extra piece so you can file it.Once you have filed it you need to use sand paper to make it smooth.I have done that so the next thing we do is wet sand.After wet sanding I got Mr Grundy to put brasso so that it is shiney.

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  1. Hi Angela
    l really like your tech reflections on when you finished your pewter casting. l like how you added a photo to show us what it looked like at the end and told us on your blurb who your teacher was and what you made and how you did some of it.
    Great job keep it up