Monday, 21 May 2018

Speech Marks

Fake Text
Speech Marks
“Hi Kevin.”said Bob

“Hi Bob.”Kevin replied back.

“Do you want to enter the
inter school basketball?”
asked Bob

“Sure”replied Kevin

“Training’s are on Tuesday
form 3-4 pm”said Bob

“Ok see you later”
replied Kevin

“Ok bye”replied Bob

This week for wrting we were learning how to use speech marks.What I have done here is went on a site called FakeIphonetext.I made a conversation so that i can use it to add speech marks.The next thing I did was wrote the same conversation but added speech marks.What I learnt the most was to always keep the punctuation in the speech marks.


  1. Hi Angela,
    I really like your blog post about speech marks blog post. I think your text messages that you have created are smart. It is driffrent to the other ones I've seen. I think after every name you use you should put a full stop. Was it fun creating text messages?.

  2. Hi Angela,
    What a wonderful conversation between Kevin and Bob. The topic you've chosen sounds wonderful. Basketball is one of my favorite sports. The way you've layed out your piece of writing is exactly like mine. Next time remember to proof read your blurb before publishing it. Did you enjoy this activity?
    Wonderful Work Angela.

  3. Thank you Marieat and Mele for your comment.I really enjoyed the activity because of the conversation I made.I also like how my conversation turned out well and made sense.