Thursday, 16 August 2018

Group A's HIIT Workout

This week we are planing to make our own exercise using fortnite moves. The fortnite moves we are using are Wiggle,Best Mates,Take the L,Living Large and the Hype. Wiggle is when you wiggle your head and your body.Start of by moving your leg side to side then move your body side to side.Best Mates is when you jump and move your hands but not your elbows. Start off by jumping and then move your arm up side to side near your armpits and.Taking the L is when you kick both of your leg,jump at the same time and have you hand on you. Start off by kicking both leg and then jump and then have you finger something L on your head. The Hype is when you go up and down and move you arms and leg up and down.Start off by moving your arms up and down and then do the same with legs.In this you need you need to move you legs but move your shoulders and arms side to side. I really like these move because the really make our heart pump more.

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