Thursday, 30 August 2018

The Eye

The Eye
The eye was as green as the grass in a garden on a summer day,
but much more deadly. It was speckled with gold, like the brightest stars
shimmering in the sky at night, but much more deadly. In the sweltering depths
of the misty marsh, it lay there. Waiting. As if in a peaceful slumber, the creature
stretched itself out, scales covering its body from snout to tail. It lay there, waiting….
For it’s dinner.

The strange head created moves along the bushes
making its mystery sound. Its eye moves as fast as a cheetah. It moves
towards the old,dent and cold cottage. The sun shines on it scales. Its scales
shine’s a bright gold and green. The village is dark,old dented just like the
cottage. One person is alive in a undescover cave people say I say it more like
I can see it cave. I

It’s a girl all dirty and hungry trying to find food. I
give her food and she denies it she says that she needs to fin
d food by herself or the great Firelight were burn here.
She said she had help once and there is was the Firelight but suddenly
the creature came and saved the poor girl.

This week fro writing we did 5-7-10. what we needed to do was descired a picture and
make a story. My story is about a girl who did not get help and if she did she will died
from firelight but a creature will save her or will it. My first paragragh had some story
starters from the site I found the image

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